Thursday, 10 December 2015

"Climate Monarch" Slams UN Global Warming Hysteria in Paris (Video)

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Climate Depot founder Marc Morano, who launched his new film Climate Hustle exposing global-warming alarmism this week, said Americans and their elected representatives must fight back against Obama's “climate” scheming. Dressed as the “climate monarch” on the sidelines of the UN COP21 summit, Morano warned humanity of the dangers of the UN agenda — and expressed the urgency of exposing it as quickly as possible.

The New American’s Alex Newman interviewed Marc Morano (shown), founder of, at the premier of his important new documentary film Climate Hustle in Paris, France, during the UN’s COP21 climate conference.

Displaying that he has a humorous side as well as a serious side, Morano considered his costume particularly fitting for the occasion. The rationale? "We are here at the UN conference in Paris to show that we are establishing a new climate monarchy," Morano told The New American.

Under this climate monarchy, Morano warned, the people "are going to be controlled now by a small governing elite — they call it global governance — telling them how to live their lives, their economics, their energy policy, whether they can have a choice between a solar panel and a hut made of dung, or whether they’re going to have coal and oil and natural gas like the wealthy western world has done. That’s what we’re facing.... This has to be opposed or this will be a monarchy."

Please watch the interview below. And follow The New American’s exclusive on-the-ground online coverage from Paris at our special COP21 conference site here.


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