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UN “Green” Agenda vs. the Constitution

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As has been documented in the pages of this magazine, Americans are facing a very serious threat to their liberties, prosperity, and national independence. Make no mistake: The globalists behind the dangerous “green” agendas — sustainable development, global warming, and more — fully intend to subjugate the United States and the world.

Right at this instant, glob­alists at the United Nations and in Washington, D.C., are busy forging the chains of tyranny. They intend to shackle all of us with them. And the “environmental” agenda being used to justify it, while it must be understood in the context of everything else that is happening, will play a crucial role in their broader agenda: Global totalitarianism.

But as Americans, we still have a variety of tools at our disposal to stop it, including the truth and the U.S. Constitution. We must use those tools.

First of all, the entire agenda, from “climate” alarmism to “sustainability,” is built on a foundation of pseudo-science and brazen deception. That gives us a tremendous advantage in this battle. As Lord Christopher Monckton said in Paris, they have “the money, power, and glory, but we have the truth, so they have nothing, and we have everything.”

While the forces pushing these schemes require huge amounts of resources to perpetuate their lies, the truth stands on its own and is immensely powerful. This is good news for us. We must educate our fellow citizens and our elected representatives on the facts. This special report of The New American can serve as a valuable resource in awakening our fellow citizens to the facts, and to the grave dangers we face.

Second, the entire agenda is being imposed on Americans in a flagrantly anti-constitutional manner. Here we have another tremendous advantage over those seeking to subvert our liberty and independence. Both Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement, for example, are, by any definition, treaties. The U.S. Constitution demands that all treaties be ratified by the U.S. Senate. And so, despite Obama’s outlandish claims that these new treaties don’t require Senate ratification, we must simultaneously maintain that both agreements require Senate approval and fight to ensure that they are never ratified by the Senate.

Even in the unlikely event that the Senate were to ratify the schemes, however, America’s Founders and the Supreme Court have always been clear: The U.S. government cannot usurp powers never granted it by the Constitution merely by ratifying a treaty. In other words, both UN instruments should properly be considered null and void in the United States without a constitutional amendment authorizing the power grabs, such as the imposition of a global carbon regime.

Another layer of defense available to Americans in this fight is the House of Representatives. The Constitution grants this body the “power of the purse.” That means Americans can work with their elected representatives to ensure that not one penny of U.S. taxpayer funding is appropriated to implement these schemes. Furthermore, all of the unconstitutional federal agencies working on imposing Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” and other, related unconstitutional schemes should be defunded, too.

At the state and local level, Americans can work with their state legislators to nullify the UN environmental agenda. That means passing legislation, similar to the bills banning the UN’s Agenda 21 that have proliferated in recent years, protecting the God-given rights of citizens, particularly property rights, by prohibiting the implementation of these unconstitutional radical agendas within our states and communities. Without cooperation by state and local governments, the Obama administration will find it practically impossible to advance these agendas.

The globalist agenda has shifted into overdrive this year. The UN “climate” regime coming out of Paris and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development coming out of New York are but two examples. For the sake of our Republic and our children, we must step up our efforts as well.

As a first step toward defeating the UN “green” agenda, work with others to distribute The New American'sSpecial Report on Climate” to voters, opinion molders, state legislators, and members of Congress. As you identify people who are interested in stopping the UN “green” agenda, follow up with educational meetings to (1) reveal the truth about the pseudo-science of the “climate change” and “sustainable development” initiatives; (2) expose the global totalitarian regime that would be established by the UN “green” agenda; and (3) show how the U.S. Constitution can be used to preserve our personal freedom and national independence by defunding and nullifying the unconstitutional UN “green” agenda at the federal and state levels, respectively.

We can still win this. But it will require all hands on deck. Let’s get to work.


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This article originally appeared in The New American's special report on climate. To order the report in either PDF or print format, click here.


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