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UN “Climate” Deal in Jeopardy After Court Blocks Obama Decrees

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The United Nations “climate” regime negotiated in Paris last year could be dead in the water before the pseudo-treaty underpinning it is even formally signed in April at UN headquarters. That is because the U.S. Supreme Court this week, in a potentially devastating setback to the UN and Obama, temporarily blocked the centerpiece of the White House's global-warming agenda, the so-called Clean Power Plan. The administration scheme, which sought to regulate emissions of the “gas of life,” was imposed by executive decree, leading countless experts to point out that Obama's agenda was on thin ice at best.

Now, with the Supreme Court taking the “unprecedented” step of overruling a lower court to block a regulation, the Obama administration's imperial “climate” decrees are in limbo — along with the UN pseudo-treaty the edicts help underpin. The decision came in response to a lawsuit by 29 states and a wide array of other plaintiffs. Multiple other avenues are being pursued to rein in the administration as well. But the high court dealt the most devastating blow to the plan so far, even though the monkey wrench may potentially be only temporary.   

Of course, the Obama administration is pretending that everything is fine. Obama himself told climate alarmists and crony capitalists at a fundraiser not to “despair” and overreact to the decision. Appearing increasingly detached from reality, White House spokesman Eric Schultz said the federal government showering tax funds on cronies in the “renewable-energy” sector would provide “momentum” to reduce the beneficial CO2 emissions of Americans — supposedly enough to make good on Obama's unconstitutional executive pledge to the UN and foreign powers in Pairs. “The inclusion of those tax credits is going to have more impact over the short term than the Clean Power Plan,” he claimed.

Indeed, speaking to reporters, multiple administration officials claimed the Obama administration would still be able to meet the “obligations” it purported to accept under the UN pseudo-treaty, despite the Supreme Court ruling. However, the pseudo-treaty, dubbed the “Paris Agreement,” was never presented to the U.S. Senate for ratification as required by the Constitution. It is also brazenly unconstitutional because the Constitution does not grant the federal government — much less the executive branch acting on its own — the power to regulate the gas of life or any other gas.

Despite the administration's radical attempt to bypass Congress, Republican leadership has so far provided all of the funding Obama needed to impose the agreement on America. But congressional efforts to defund the scheming, along with other elements of the UN climate regime created in Paris, are also underway.

The Supreme Court's decision strikes at the centerpiece of Obama's “climate” machinations domestically and at the international level — his regulatory decrees purporting to regulate CO2 emissions as “pollution.” At the UN COP21 “climate” summit in Paris, the administration and virtually every other government and dictatorship agreed that freer and richer nations would slash CO2 output while redistributing trillions of dollars from Western taxpayers to Third World dictators and governments. Top scientists referred to the wealth-redistribution agenda as a “subsidy for kleptocracy.”

But despite the ruling, Obama is attempting to reassure everyone that his unconstitutional pledges will still be met. “I've heard people say, 'the Supreme Court struck down the clean power plant rule,'” Obama claimed, again ludicrously equating the gas of life — carbon dioxide, exhaled by humans and required by plants — with dirtiness. “That's not true. So don't despair, people.”

He was speaking at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser in Atherton, California, where a large number of crony capitalists involved in tax-funded “green” energy schemes were likely in attendance. Solyndra, the bankrupt “solar energy” company funded by taxpayers via Obama, was among the many “green” schemes backed by Obama campaign financiers. Speaking to the mega-rich donors, who paid tens of thousands of dollars to attend, Obama called the court's move “unusual” but still claimed to be confident that his administration's “climate” decrees were legal.

Incredibly, while state governments celebrated the ruling and some vowed to ignore the White House's overreach, the administration said it would continue working with states to impose the regulations blocked by the Supreme Court. State officials, though, said no. “States and utilities are not required to prepare a [CO2-reducing] plan,” declared West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, adding that the justices would not have stopped the Obama scheme if they did not believe the chances of states winning the case were high. “Put down your pencils because EPA has no authority.”

Even Obama apologists exposed the false claims by Obama. “The Supreme Court has never before placed a stay on a regulation before there has even been review in a federal appeals court,” the New York Times reported. “Legal experts say it sends a strong signal that the court is likely to eventually overturn the rule entirely.” That means, the Times reported, that the court may have just killed the Paris deal. Wired magazine, using more colorful language, said the five justices who supported the stay on Obama's decrees may have “nuked” the Paris accord.

Other analysts following the issue closely agreed. “The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a decisive blow to the EPA’s climate regulations,” said Marc Morano, editor of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow’s Climate Depot. “The delay means the CPP [Clean Power Plan] is unlikely to be implemented before Obama leaves office, giving political leaders time to mobilize and ensure the EPA climate rules never see the light of day.”

But for the Obama administration, which appears to acknowledge no limits to its power, that cannot be allowed to stand. Indeed, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) boss Gina McCarthy appears to be calling on states to ignore the Supreme Court and proceed with implementing the administration's demands. “Are we going to respect the decision of the Supreme Court? You bet, of course we are,” she said after urging states to defy the order and keep working on imposing Obama's lawless CO2 rules. “But it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we’re working on and it doesn’t mean we won't continue to support any state that voluntarily wants to move forward.”

Despite the tough talk, socialist foreign governments were already expressing alarm over the decision. A spokesman for the socialist French government, which hosted the UN COP21 “climate” talks in December, quoted radical Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius as saying that the Supreme Court action was “not good news” for the agenda. Ironically, though, Fabius and his scheming helped to put the whole agreement in limbo by insisting that it bypass the U.S. Congress, an outlandish plan that flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution, the American system of government, and Anglo-Saxon traditions stretching back more than a millennium.

Also expressing concern was a diplomat representing the imploding socialist regime ruling Venezuela at the UN summit, Claudia Salerno. She called the U.S. high court ruling “truly damaging” to the UN “climate” deal. It may be even more serious than that.

For now, Obama's climate decree against state governments will stay frozen in limbo, probably until next year. The case is currently being fought in the federal appeals court, where state governments and other forces are arguing that Obama's “power grab” is illegal. Arguments are set for this summer. But no matter which way the court rules, virtually everyone expects that decision to be appealed to the Supreme Court, which would likely make a decision some time after the summer of 2017.   

Even without the high court's intervention, though, the Obama EPA has no constitutional authority to order states to slash emissions of the gas of life, despite administration claims to the contrary. States can and should resist. In fact, state nullification has been used throughout U.S. history to defy unconstitutional federal statutes and edicts, including federal “laws” purporting to require that runaway slaves be returned to their “owners.” Numerous Founding Fathers used and advocated nullification too.

The Supreme Court has already provided plenty of evidence that it is more than willing to ignore the plain language of the Constitution and even federal law to salvage Obama's radical agenda. So Americans should not put their trust in the body that purported to mandate homosexual “marriage,” abortion, ObamaCare, and more, to stop Obama's lawlessness and the broader establishment's war on common sense. Instead, elected officials at the state level should prepare to nullify the unconstitutional power grabs on CO2, energy, and all of the other illegitimate usurpations of power by the feds.  

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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