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After Brexit, UN Climate Regime in Trouble

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In addition to the devastating blow dealt to globalism generally, the historic British “Brexit” vote to exit the European Union could have far-reaching implications for the United Nations “climate” regime. Concocted in Paris last year by the UN and its member governments, the controversial deal is unprecedented in terms of its full-blown promotion of regional governments, such as the EU, as crucial players in imposing the international agenda. But with Brexit, that gamble has turned against the globalists, and now they are scrambling to save face amid a victorious “leave” campaign led largely by climate skeptics and realists.

Whether the Paris Agreement is doomed yet remains unclear. Either way, though, the UN “climate” agreement is on increasingly shaky ground. Among other headaches for UN climate alarmists and internationalists hoping to centralize power at the global level is the United States. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is already vowing to blow up the Paris deal and de-fund the UN bureaucracy responsible for it. Indeed, U.S. funding for the UN “climate” machine is now illegal under federal law. Plus, there is practically zero chance of ratification for the deal by the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution for all treaties.

Other governments are also weary of ratifying the controversial scheme for various reasons, even with promised bribes to Third World dictators who play along. And with the man-made global-warming theory looking increasingly discredited — just 40 percent of Americans believe the theory in polls, as observable evidence debunking it continues to grow — the clock is running out on the alarmists. Now, the British referendum to leave the EU represents the latest monkey wrench to be thrown into the gears of the UN's “climate” agenda. Establishment-controlled “green” groups and "news" outlets are already sounding the alarm, calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to ink the Paris Agreement prior to leaving office in case a “skeptic” government takes the reins.

Before the Brexit referendum last month on whether to secede from the increasingly totalitarian EU, UN climate czarina Christiana Figueres warned that the UN pseudo-treaty purporting to control “global warming” would have to be rewritten if the Brits voted to leave. Speaking at a June 22 press conference next to EU Energy Union Commissioner Maroš Šefcovic, a “former” communist from Slovakia, and billionaire U.S. extremist Michael Bloomberg, whose fanaticism on global warming is second only to his crusade to disarm Americans by any means necessary, Figueres was clear that if Brexit were to happen, the UN scheme could not just march on uninterrupted.   

Basically, she said, if the British people reject the EU, the Paris deal would need to be renegotiated and rewritten. “From the point of view of the Paris Agreement, the U.K. is part of the EU and has put in its effort as part of the EU so anything that would change that would require a recalibration,” said the controversial UN figure, who famously opened one of the UN's infamous carbon dioxide-spewing “climate” conferences with a prayer to the Mayan goddess of war, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. “In principle, it is actually, historically, we say, as humankind, we are moving towards larger and larger tents of collaboration […] rather than in the opposite way.”

The British voted to leave the EU anyway, sending prices for CO2-emissions permits in the super-state's so-called carbon market — a key component of the EU's plan under the Paris scheme — plunging by close to 20 percent. At first, Figueres and other UN bureaucrats and alarmist politicians may have thought they were bluffing, aiming to keep the British people under the thumb of the EU via fear-mongering. Now, though, the reality is setting in, and the Paris pseudo-treaty is in jeopardy. Figueres may have been wrong about the globalist mantra of centralizing power more and more, or “larger and larger tents of collaboration” as she put it, but she was right about the threat Brexit poses to the UN's “climate” machinations.  

The unaccountable EU super-state, which now lords over the formerly independent peoples of Europe practically without restraint, pledged at the UN climate summit in Paris to slash the CO2 emissions of its disenfranchised subjects by 40 percent below 1990 levels by the year 2030. The commitment was “to be fulfilled jointly.” But without the British to endure an outsized dose of the economic pain, loss of prosperity, and diminishing liberty, that lawless pledge by the EU commissars is in serious jeopardy. Indeed, even the globalist push to have regional governments take a leading role in imposing UN schemes may be blowing up in the internationalists' faces.

In Article 4 of the Paris Agreement, for example, the agreement outlines a plan for “regional economic integration organizations,” such as the EU, “to  act  jointly” under the agreement. It also calls on those regional super-governments to notify the UN bureaucracy of “the emission level allocated to each Party (national government).” In other words, emerging regional governments such as the European Union, the African Union, the Union of South American States, the Eurasian Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and other sovereignty-crushing outfits are expected to play a major role in allocating "emission levels" to entire nations.

That means illegitimate and unelected bureaucrats will decide how much CO2,” also known as "the gas of life," nations will be able to release. In short, it is rationing, on an unprecedented scale, due to false scarcity imposed by internationalists themselves. The implications for liberty and prosperity are gargantuan. Consider that every human activity — including breathing — emits CO2. (Though man-made CO2 emissions account for a fraction of one percent of all greenhouse gases naturally in the atmosphere). By purporting to grant regional governments loyal to the UN the power to limit and regulate those emissions, negotiators in Paris attempted to literally hand those regional governments power over life and death, over all energy, all economic activity, and more.    

The deal also purports to allow and even encourage regional governments, such as the EU or any of the other super-states being imposed on people around the world, to vote in place of their member states, with the same number of votes as it has member states. “Any regional economic integration organization that  becomes a Party to this Agreement ... shall be bound by all the obligations under this Agreement,” the Paris deal explains. So if you live under the EU or any other autocratic would-be super-state that signs up to the UN scheme, you can kiss your nation's liberties and self-government goodbye.   

In keeping with the globalist strategy for building what its architects often refer to publicly as a “New World Order,” the UN agreement is packed with references to the regional super-governments being used to shackle nations and peoples worldwide. It is clear that these Soviet-style regimes are being positioned to play an increasingly massive role in the lives of people around the world, all under the supervision of the UN. In fact, even the preamble to the Paris Agreement vows to “uphold and promote regional and international cooperation in order to mobilize stronger and more ambitious climate action.”

The scheme also calls on parties to the UN scheme to “strengthen regional cooperation on adaptation” and “establish regional centers.” By “regional cooperation,” the document is of course referring to supranational governance at the regional level — the EU, the AU, ASEAN, and other such schemes. In all, there are 17 provisions relating to regionalism in the UN document, which is just over 30 pages long. With British voters dealing a crushing blow to regionalism by supporting Brexit, though, the agenda just suffered a major defeat.   

Even domestically, the Brexit vote may have major implications on British “climate” policies. For one, many of the movement's leaders and its voters are deeply skeptical of the man-made global-warming theory, as well as the policies to allegedly deal with the alleged problem. “It is highly unlikely that the party-political green consensus that has existed in parliament for the last 10 years will survive the seismic changes that are now unfolding after Britain’s independence day,” said Global Warming Policy Foundation director Benny Peiser, citing the “astonishing self-determination and skepticism of the British people in [the] face of an unprecedented fear campaign.”

The UN and Obama are pretending that if enough Third World dictators can be bribed (with your tax money) into “ratifying” the pseudo-treaty before a potential President Trump, that it will be more difficult for the deal to be shredded. That is, of course, nonsense, as the scheme was never ratified by the U.S. Senate or even presented to it for ratification, making it essentially a glorified press release by Obama and his cohorts, with accompanying illegal and unconstitutional decrees with no force of law. In short, the foundation of the entire scheme is built on quicksand, and it appears to be in the process of swallowing up the scam.  

Regardless of what happens with Brexit, Americans must continue to expose the fraud that is the UN's Paris Agreement. With a concerted educational campaign, the extremist plot to empower the UN and regional governments over every aspect of life can and will be crushed.   

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, was at the UN climate summit in Paris. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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