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Trump Draws Widespread Praise for Canceling UN “Climate” Scheme

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While the Establishment Swamp that President Donald Trump promised to drain was throwing apoplectic temper tantrums over the president's decision to withdraw from the United Nations Paris Agreement on “climate,” a massive coalition was celebrating the fulfillment of his campaign promise to cancel the illegal UN scheme. The reasons for the celebrations were varied, and a handful of Trump supporters expressed some reservations about the president flirting with renegotiation instead of going for the jugular by finally exposing what he often called the climate “hoax.” But a broad swath of Americans and people around the world were united in applauding Trump's courageous decision to defy the globalist establishment and stand up for the American people.   

Some Trump supporters and constitutionalists cheered the diffusing of a constitutional crisis created by Obama's illegal scheming, which included refusing to present the Paris Agreement to the Senate for ratification as required by the Constitution. Others were happy about reclaiming some elements of U.S. sovereignty that Obama illegally purported to hand over to the UN. Climate realists, meanwhile, were enthusiastic about a restoration of sanity in government surrounding the imploding man-made “global-warming” theory. Members of Congress applauded the restoration of the constitutional balance of power. Across Trump's cabinet, there was also praise. And struggling Americans from all walks of life cheered the blow to a radical and illegal scheme to redistribute what remains of their wealth, destroy their jobs, and lock up their energy resources under the guise of a dealing with a non-issue.    


Citing, among other concerns, Obama's attempt to bypass Congress, congressional Republicans were united in celebrating Trump's move. Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas), for example, the chair of the House Science Committee, praised the move. “By withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, President Trump has freed America from a bad deal that would cost billions of dollars but have little significant environmental benefit,” he said, without explaining what possible environmental benefit, however small, the UN scheme dealing with the “gas of life” might have had. “Former President Obama bypassed Congress when he agreed to the deal, putting our nation at an economic disadvantage and imposing huge burdens on American families and businesses. President Trump’s decision will allow America to move forward with policies based on sound science and smart cost-benefit analyses to ensure Americans don’t bear the brunt of the all-pain, no-gain policies of the previous administration.”

All of the senators known for supporting the Constitution and their oath of office praised Trump in statements. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), for example, thanked Trump for keeping his promise and protecting the American people from the UN climate regime. “This action by Donald Trump is great news for the economy and could save as many as 6 million U.S. jobs," he said, adding that the UN scheme would have been a "disaster" for American jobs. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Trump's fiercest opponent in the GOP primary, said the president's decision was "great news for the Texas economy and for hardworking Americans all across our country." And Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), another liberty-minded lawmaker, was similarly delighted. "The American people did not vote for President Trump so that American taxpayers could send billions of dollars overseas to establish a global crony capitalist slush fund," Lee said, blasting Obama for trying to bypass the Senate because he knew it was too unpopular and damaging to get it through.

Freshman Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), meanwhile, had even stronger words of praise for Trump for following through on another significant promise to the American people by ditching the UN climate regime. “This agreement was the capstone of the Obama administration’s attempt to circumvent the constitutional powers of Congress and the antithesis of job creation and American energy production,” Biggs said. “By withdrawing from the agreement, President Donald J. Trump has signaled to foreign powers and bureaucrats that the United States will not be subject to unattainable and unproductive environmental standards that will have a detrimental effect on hard-working Americans and do not come with a guarantee of compliance from other nations. I applaud President Trump for his forward thinking, commitment to his promises, and protection of American sovereignty.”

Even Republicans among the establishment-minded wing of the party stood by Trump after the decision, perhaps hoping not to further alienate the constituents who both put them in office and reject the man-made warming theory by massive margins. “I applaud President Trump and his administration for dealing yet another significant blow to the Obama administration’s assault on domestic energy production and jobs,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who has developed a reputation among conservatives as a Republican in Name Only (RINO) due to his constant caving to Democrats and the establishment. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has taken every possible opportunity to stab conservatives and constitutionalists in the back, was apparently forced by political realities to celebrate Trump's decision. “The Paris climate agreement was simply a raw deal for America," Ryan said, noting that it would have hurt middle-class and poor Americans the most.

Think Tanks and Environmental Organizations

Countless environmental think tanks and grassroots organizations across the United States and even abroad celebrated Trump's decision, too. The prestigious U.K.-based Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), for instance, released statements by its top leaders touting the move as one that would benefit all of humanity. “The Paris climate agreement was pushed through against the declared will of America’s elected representatives,” observed GWPF Director Dr. Benny Peiser, adding that U.S. leaders had repeatedly warned UN summit bosses that Congress did not approve of Obama's scheme and that it would eventually be shredded. “Now the Paris accord faces the same fate as the Kyoto Protocol which also ended in failure.” GWPF chairman Lord Lawson, meanwhile, said that the U.S. decision would increase pressure on U.K. authorities to do the same.

Another powerful environmentalist group that has been battling the UN's “climate” scheming for years, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), was similarly delighted with the news — but did express a few reservations. “To be honest, there were a couple of obvious concerns raised by the President’s speech,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. “The first was that President Trump left the door open to renegotiating a new climate treaty. We caution against this, and suggest he subject any such arrangement to extreme vetting. The UN, mercantile nations, climate profiteers and Green campaigners cannot be trusted. Second, the science allegedly supporting the climate change theory must be re-evaluated. With UN projections and climate models failing miserably, and real-world evidence continuing to cast strong doubt on alarmist claims, it's time to do a thorough and impartial reevaluation of climate science dogma in general. We believe it will show that none of the numbers add up.”

Over at Climate Depot, editor Marc Morano, a longtime advocate for climate realism, was also celebrating in the world media. “We are proud of a president who is staring at the UN and saying ‘we don't want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats can redistribute our wealth and do nothing for the climate,’” he told the BBC, referring to Trump's move as a climate exit, or Clexit. “This is a great day for science. The UN has admitted they will redistribute wealth by climate policy. This is all politics, it is not about saving the planet and Trump is calling them on it.”

At the National Center for Public Policy Research, a non-partisan think tank, numerous leaders and officials expressed support for the president. “We applaud President Trump for having the courage to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. It was a bad deal for the U.S. worker, a bad deal for U.S. industry, a bad deal for the environment and a bad deal for our system of government," said National Center President David Ridenour, who is also an environmental expert and has attended past UN summits on climate. “Despite requiring a wrenching transformation of our economy that would cost millions of jobs, it would accomplish next to nothing even if you buy into all the dubious science upon which it is premised. Trump made the right choice for the economy, the environment and for constitutional government.”

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), a non-partisan environmental litigation organization, also applauded President Trump’s decision to abandoned the “disastrous Paris Treaty.” Among other concerns, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow Steve Milloy said the UN scheme would have “destroyed American jobs and led to skyrocketing energy prices putting those most vulnerable at risk.” “Europe is the model for these failed ‘climate policies,’ and President Trump is correct in not allowing the United States to go down the same path,” Milloy added. “We look forward to working with the President as he implements his America first energy policies, and we will do whatever we can to combat the unprecedented hysteria spewing from global elitists bent on destroying our great nation.”


At the grassroots level, meanwhile, support was overwhelming, further highlighting the massive chasm between mainstream Americans and the establishment swamp and its propaganda organs. Over the weekend, hundreds of grassroots supporters of the president's action convened outside the White House for a “Pittsburgh Not Paris” rally. Organized by the Fairfax County Republican Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia, the supporters, including at least one who came from Pittsburgh, celebrated Trump's statements indicating that he was elected to represent Americans in cities such as Pittsburgh, rather than globalist UN bureaucrats and Third World regimes hoping to extract U.S. wealth who convened in Paris to create the UN “climate” scheme. The supporters, dubbed a “flash mob” by some commentators, held signs celebrating Trump's actions and his administration.  

At the constitutionalist John Birch Society, which publishes this magazine and for six decades has been working to “Get U.S. Out Of the United Nations,” the decision was also met with celebration. “It was the right thing to do,” said CEO Art Thompson, who leads the organization with chapters in all 50 states. “Rarely does the media talk about the loss of sovereignty or the fact that such agreements are based on false science. Even with all of this, the worse part of it all is how it was done — a treaty done by the president while not involving the Senate or Congress in any way. That's unconstitutional, and if for no other reason meant that we needed to withdraw. It set a very dangerous precedent.”

Popular analyst and commentator Joel Skousen with World Affairs Brief, meanwhile, cheered the move, but also offered some words of caution. Members of the establishment, he said, “are throwing a tantrum because Trump won’t go along with the Big Lie about global warming, and pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.” However, Trump's leaving the door open to a “better” deal is a bad sign. “Unfortunately, by being willing to re-enter talks, he’s made a major capitulation to the climate change claim that carbon [dioxide] is a pollutant, which is totally false,” Skousen warned, highlighting concerns expressed by more than a few experts. “Trump, having ceded the crucial argument is now only trying to lessen the damage to America’s energy needs.”

The national grassroots conservative group Eagle Forum, which was among the early conservative forces to rally behind Trump in the GOP primary, issued a statement applauding Trump for his decision as well. “Stopping the UN mischief was a high priority for our beloved founder Phyllis Schlafly — so much so that Phyllis appointed a Chairman to attend nearly every U.N. climate change meeting since 1997 to report to our activists and lead our efforts to oppose the damaging globalist agenda, like that embodied in the Paris Accord,” said Eagle Forum International Issues Chair Cathie Adams, a regular attendee at UN “climate” summits. “The true purpose of the UN's ‘climate change’ agenda is to redistribute American wealth around the globe.”

Noting that Obama had betrayed American interests by joining the scheme in the first place — not to mention his effort to illegally sidestep Congress — Adams said it was all part of the former president's plot to “fundamentally transform” America. “The UN climate change agenda is clearly an attack on “the forgotten man,” American workers, their jobs and our standard of living, as the Accord would have cost the U.S. nearly $3 trillion over the next several decades, and would have resulted in the loss of 6.5 million industrial sector jobs and the complete devastation of our coal industry,” Adams said, echoing a study cited by Trump in his announcement. “By withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, President Trump took a vital stand on behalf of all Americans, but particularly the ‘forgotten men and women’ for whom he pledged to fight. For that we say, thank you, Mr. President.”

Bear Witness Central, a group of patriotic activists who have experienced the horrors of communism first hand and have vowed to protect liberty in America, issued a powerful statement thanking Trump. “Even though President Trump received and continues to receive undeserved attacks from the climate hoax global planners, all Americans who truly understand the clear and present danger behind the Paris Climate Agreement are not only grateful, but are in full support of the President's decision,” said the directors, which include this writer. “May the Lord bless Donald Trump's presidency and may he continue to be courageous to reject all the evil policies promoted and implemented by the Fabian Socialists, Trotskyites, and the Marxist-Leninists who have intentionally subordinated and continue to subordinate the American People to policies designed to destroy America and its heritage.”

The Swamp and Fake News

Indeed, the celebrations were so loud and widespread that even the establishment media, which Trump often ridicules as “fake news,” could not conceal it. The increasingly fringe New York Times, for example, in between its constant stream of anti-Trump, pro-UN, highly deceptive climate-alarmist propaganda, compiled a list of reactions from the left and a few sources it claimed were on the “right.” Instead of offering real balance, the Times simply selected a few mostly establishment-approved pet “conservatives,” including one who actually works for the Times and two from the establishment neocon mouthpiece National Review (that failed in its bid to stop Trump), to complement its hysterical “reporting” over Trump's decision to withdraw. In a separate article, though, the Times did admit that Trump's decision left small-business owners “euphoric” as Trump defied the Big Business cronies who lined up behind the UN scheme.  

As the far-left establishment press, overpaid UN bureaucrats, and hostile foreign regimes continue to foam at the mouth over Trump's decision to uphold the campaign promises that got him elected, more and more Americans are joining to celebrate his historic defiance of the globalist swamp. However, the globalist establishment does not plan to let this be the last word, as evidenced by its ongoing hysterical shrieking and gnashing of the teeth. And so, Americans must continue exposing not just the pseudo-science underpinning the UN's “climate” machinations, but the totalitarian agenda as well. Liberty, prosperity, and self-government literally depend on continuing to expose the scam and the true intentions of the scam artists.  

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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, was at the UN climate summit in Paris. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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