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“Climate Change” Not Mentioned as a Leading Problem by Gallup Poll Respondents

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A Gallup poll of 1,033 adults conducted by telephone from July 1-11, 2018, asked those polled what they thought was the most important problem facing our country. Although the respondents came up with different 36 answers, “climate change” was notable by its absence. Only two percent of those polled even mentioned the environment at all, under a vague designation, “Environment/Pollution.”

The number one problem, named by 22 percent of those polled, was immigration. Other issues named by respondents as our most important problem were: Dissatisfaction with government/Poor leadership (19 percent); Race relations/Racism (seven percent); Unifying the country (six percent); Lack of respect for each other (six percent); the Economy in general (four percent); Healthcare (three percent); and Ethics/Moral/Religious/Family decline (three percent).

The results of this poll suggest that all of the global-warming/climate-change hype poured out on the American public in recent decades by the mainstream media, academics, and climate-change doomsayers such as Al Gore, has had minimal effect.

A July 5 New York Times report, based on a Morning Consult survey, asked Americans why they were having fewer babies. Despite the common misconception that worries about climate change were an important factor in such decisions, the survey indicated otherwise. Of the 24 percent of those polled who said they did not want children (42 percent said they did want children and another 34 percent said they weren’t sure) only a third named “worried about climate change” as a factor. This was number 13 in a list of 19 reasons named. Almost twice as many (64 percent) said, “Child care is too expensive.”

Apparently, most Americans do not agree with a UN statement released in May declaring that “climate change” is the greatest global menace facing humanity.

Even though the climate-change fear mongers have had a near monopoly on media coverage, there has been enough credible opposition to the theory that human activity has contributed to global warming that most Americans have still not bought into their hard sell. It seems that the voices of reason, including John Coleman, the veteran weatherman and co-founder of the Weather Channel who died last January, have prevailed. Coleman once called the concept of anthropogenic climate change the “greatest scam in history.”


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