Thursday, 27 December 2018

Calif. Senator: Companies Want to “Make Money” in “Climate Arena”

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In this interview with The New American from the UN COP24 "climate" summit in Poland, California Senator Bob Wieckowski argued that America would follow the lead of his state's "global warming" policies. Wieckowski, who represents the district where Tesla is based, wants more tax money to subsidize unreliable, unproductive interests. He touted the alleged "blue wave" and blasted the "noise" made by Trump. One of only two American elected officials at the UN confab in Poland, the senator acknowledged there would be economic pain. But humanity only has 12 years to save the planet from alleged man-made warming, he argued, saying CO2 would cause "extreme weather to become even more extreme." He also falsely claimed CO2, the gas of life, is "pollution." But there are a "zillion" businesses trying to "make money" in the "climate arena," he said.

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