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Climate Hysterics Use Tragic Weather to Push Agenda: “We Owe Al Gore an Apology”

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A June 8 story published by NPR has the audacity to claim in its headline that “We all owe Al Gore an apology.” The story goes on to explain the plight of residents along the Mississippi River and how their crisis has changed opinions vis-ȃ-vis climate change.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” former Clinton crony and Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel is famous for saying. So of course climate alarmists are using this tactic as part of their scare campaign.

The 2019 flood season along the Mississippi River has been a horrific one, no doubt. This season’s floods have snarled traffic, hampered shipping, and caused general disruption for those who live in low spots along the great river’s path. In some areas, the height of the river and the duration of the high water is threatening man-made levies and inundating spillways meant to lessen the impact of such flooding.

But doesn’t the very existence of those levies and spillways tell us that those who dwell in those areas are aware that flooding is possible? Why build them otherwise? In fact, many of those levies were built in 1928 in response to the Great Flood of 1927. The Mississippi River has a long history of flooding, going back to the 16th century in man’s recording. And floods — big and small — undoubtedly occurred prior to man’s recordkeeping. 

This is not to say we should not have compassion and send prayers and other assistance to those affected, but residents who live in flood plains aren’t stupid. They understand that such disasters can happen. They’ve happened before and will happen again. That’s the nature of weather; it changes from year to year.

But in 2019, any weather abnormality is treated as an automatic affirmation that man-made climate change is real and is happening right before our eyes.

It really is somewhat difficult to look at the flooded fields and the suffering in flood plains of the Mississippi region and not experience a small pinch of doubt. Are the climate hysterics right? Do we really owe Al Gore an apology?

The answer is no. The former vice-president has made over $300 million pedaling junk science as indisputable fact. With that kind of cash, he can buy all the apologies he wants. The real question is whether Gore owes us an apology.

Through the years, Gore has warned us of several environmental catastrophes that simply didn’t come to pass. To my knowledge, he has never apologized for being categorically wrong on his many predictions.

In 2006, Gore claimed that we had only 10 years to save the planet. That deadline has come and gone, and we’re still here. In October of 2018, the UNIPCC issued a new deadline. Now we have 11-and-a-half years left to save the planet.

Gore claimed that the Arctic would be ice-free by the year 2014. He was not only wrong but spectacularly wrong

Gore predicted that the flow of the Gulf Stream would slow down and lead to climate catastrophe. Gore was wrong again. In fact, data from NASA shows that the Gulf Stream may actually be speeding up. Gore owes the world a double apology for this prediction. Not only was he wrong, but this prediction was part of the plot for the ridiculous Hollywood film The Day After Tomorrow

Gore and others have been warning for years that polar bears were being driven to extinction by man-made global warming. But polar bear populations have been growing and may, in fact, be at an all-time high right now. 

In 2006, Gore breathlessly warned us that sea levels were likely to rise by as much as 20 feet in the near future. Although his near future was undefined, he was wrong about this as well. Sea level rise continues on, but only at a level of about three millimeters per year — the same rate it has been rising since before man began releasing large amounts of CO2. At that rate, we’ll reach Gore’s 20 feet in approximately 2,000 years. Renowned sea-level expert Dr. Nils-Axel Morner confirms Gore’s missed claims in this video

Where’s our apology, Mr. Gore? You’ve enriched yourself over the past two decades by selling fear and scamming the public, even though every major prediction you’ve made has come up empty.

Don’t expect that apology any time soon. In fact, recent pressure from globalist NGOs to call climate change a “crisis” will almost certainly lead to more hysterical reporting and more stringent calls for governmental intervention — as if government could actually do anything about the climate. 

Because extreme weather events will always happen, climate scammers such as Gore will always have ample examples of tragedy caused by so-called climate change to point to in peddling fear to the public.

Image: Screenshot of video by CBS News


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