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Russian Scientists Forecast Global Cooling

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Global freezeEven before the Bolsheviks took over the Kerensky government and formed the Soviet Union, the main propaganda arm of Soviet Communism was the newspaper Pravda. It continued as the voice of the Communist Party throughout the history of the Soviet Union, though some contend it remains that voice today. The irony is in the name "Pravda," which in Russian means "truth." Yet virtually every pronouncement in Pravda was the exact opposite of the objective truth.

The Soviet dictators considered truth to be whatever promoted the welfare of the Communist Party, and that was almost always a falsehood of some dimension.

More ironic is that the reporting today of Pravda on the subject of global warming has less bias than its Western counterparts such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, AP — you name it in the U.S. media — when it comes to the subject of global warming. The major media in this country has hewed to the IPCC and Gore line that debate over anthropomorphic (human-caused) global warming (AGW), or the more fashionable phrase "climate change," is no longer debatable. It's over.  Burning more fossil fuels will lead inevitably and shortly to the Earth overheating and to climate catastrophe. 

As reported by Pravda, Russian scientists are ignoring the global-warming "consensus" that the American media claim exists. Russian scientists point out that the Earth has warm periods called "interglacials" of about 12,000 years in length between incomprehensibly long 100,000-year ice ages. And guess how long it has been since the last ice age. That's right — about 12,000 years. Yet our international bureaucrats build fear that the planet might warm — to the level of the Medieval Warm Period when Greenland was green and mankind flourished as it always has during warm periods.

So what causes the ice ages?  And are we in any danger?

There are three astronomical cycles that are together known as the Milankovich cycles. They include the tilt of the Earth varying over 41,000 years, the shape of the Earth's orbit that changes over 100,000 years, and the "wobble" that slowly rotates over about 26,000 years. Just as in any multi-cyclic system, the variances evolve into harmonics. In this case, peaks and valleys of solar intensity occur — much greater than the normal variable irradiance of today's sun. In peaks we enjoy the interglacials.  Most of the time we are in "glacials," where most life on our planet is pretty miserable, except for polar bears and radical environmentalists who prefer near-human extinction.  (Actually polar bears prefer to hunt from the shore and not out into the ice.)

Regarding danger from the impending cold: No, we are likely not in danger, even if we are entering into an era similar to the Maunder Minimum — when the number of sunspots went from the tens of thousands to a mere handful and the Earth suffered through the Little Ice Age — as these changes take on the order of a hundred years to have truly significant effects. But we are in danger of political decisions allegedly intended to enforce  global cooling. 

How sad that Pravda not only researched the climate-change issue, but presents the facts on this subject, while Western media pander to the anti-capitalist environmentalist lobby that eschews science other than that proscribed by government grants.

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