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Blizzard Disrupts Global-warming Protest

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Global warming rally hit by snowThey came. They saw. They were conquered — by Mother Nature. Hundreds of global-warming protesters descended on Washington, D.C., on Monday, March 2 to shut down the coal-fired Capitol Power Plant, which provides electrical power to Congress and a number of government buildings. Their plans were iced, however by temperatures that dipped into the teens, accompanied by a blizzard that dumped several inches on the nation’s capital. Schools and businesses were closed and many official government events were cancelled.

The protest, billed as “Mass Civil Disobedience,” called on protesters to break the law by blockading the gates to the power plant so that it could not operate. Organized and sponsored by Capitol Climate Action, the rally was supposed to have received a pep talk from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but her appearance was cancelled by weather that prevented her flight to Washington, D.C.

Dr. James Hansen, the NASA scientist and global-warming gadfly, endorsed the March 2 event and urged Americans to join in the civil disobedience to “take a stand on global warming” and “send a message to Congress and the president.” In a video on the Capitol Climate Action web page, Hansen declares that global warming is an “emergency” caused by burning carbon fuels. “The only practical way to solve the problem,” says Hansen, “is to phase out the biggest source of carbon — and that's coal."

Hansen’s political activism came under fire from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who urged Hansen to rethink his plans. "If he wants to have a demonstration concerning global warming, coming to the Capitol is not a right choice," Rohrabacher, a member of the House's Committee on Science and Technology, told FOXNews.com. "The bottom line is if Hansen wants to protest global warming, he should go to the National Cathedral and take it up with God rather than going to Capitol Hill." Rohrabacher added that Hansen "obviously doesn't feel comfortable with the restraints that come with being a scientist rather than a political activist. Most of us have always thought he has been hiding behind a scientific facade, and really, he was a political activist all along."

As noted previously by The New American, Hansen has been caught several times falsifying data in order to promote the political agenda favored by the climate-change activists. In addition to which, he regularly misrepresents facts through gross exaggeration and apocalyptic alarmism.

While Dr. Hansen, the “scientist,” is not comfortable with allowing facts to speak for themselves, apparently, he is very comfortable associating with the extremists of the far left of the environmental movement. His fellow endorsers of the March 2 protest include the usual Marxists (Noam Chomsky, David Korten, Code Pink, SDS-Students for a Democratic Society), anarchists (Mike Roselle, The Ruckus Society), radical enviros (Greenpeace, Rain Forest Action Network, Earth First!), Malthusians (Paul Ehrlich), and Hollywood Left (Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Daryl Hannah).

Capitol Climate Action calls for shutting down all coal-fired power plants in the country. Their website declares: “Senate majority leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi promised Thursday to switch the Capitol Power Plant off coal. Now we need them to promise to do the same thing to every other coal-fired power plant in America. If this one’s too dirty, so are all the rest!”

The same web page bears this headline quote from Al Gore promoting civil disobedience in the service of pseudo-environmentalism: “I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking bulldozers and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power plants.”

So, what would Hansen, Chomsky, Sarandon, Gore, et al, replace all of our coal-fired plants with? Solar and wind power, which can provide only tiny a fraction of the power our industrial society uses and needs. Presumably, the Capitol protesters returned from their escapade to homes warmed by evil coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power.

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