Wednesday, 24 June 2009

From Copenhagen to Hopenhagen

Written by  Ann Shibler

Ban Ki-moonThe ubiquitous “hope and change” theme Americans know, oh, so well — one that has become totally meaningless, a result of its overuse and disregard of economic, scientific, and social realities — is going international. The United Nations will be using it to launch a massive campaign to persuade the public to influence world leaders to ratify the UN’s new global climate treaty.

Starting in September, an ad campaign put together by a broad coalition of communications companies and ad agencies will blanket a good part of the commercial world, in advance of the UN’s Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December. The first elements of the ad campaign can be viewed by travelers at New York’s JFK airport and London’s Heathrow, with the more aggressive elements to be introduced to the world’s population between September and the December 7 UN conference.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, “Climate change is one of the epic challenges facing this and future generations. World leaders will come together for the Copenhagen climate change conference in December, and every citizen of the world has a stake in the outcome. It is time to seal a deal. We need a global movement that mobilizes real change.”

A new website has been developed so that UN delegates can be sent messages of encouragement and awareness on the topic of global warming by the public. This is called an “open source campaign,” and is online at There are already 1,954 messages of “hope,” as of this posting; the message tally seems to increase by about five messages per minute.

Samples of the “hope” messages submitted include:

Freud gives me hope
Iran gives me hope
Obama gives me hope
Al Gore gives me hope
Obama's power and kindness gives me hope
Hopenhagen gives me hope
Climate camp gives me hope
YES WE CAN gives me hope
Freedom in Iran gives me hope
NO MORE CO2 gives me hope
Esperanza means Hope!!
Wind power gives me hope
Campaigns like this give me hope
Hopefully, Dec. 7 gives me hope
This project gives me hope
World commitment to fight climate change gives me hope
2020 gives me hope
over 9,000 windmills gives me hope
Solar energy gives me hope
Algae Diesel gives me hope
Politicians who want to make a difference give me hope
Technocracy gives me hope
People trying to prevent global warming give me hope
The end of the Oil Age gives me hope
Public transport gives me hope
Recycling gives me hope
Revolutionaries give me hope
WWF-China gives me hope

And on and on the politically correct, global-warming-acquiescent cliches go. But when the rubber hits the road — or in this case, when "hope" seeks positive change — disappointment will undoubtedly set in becauase citizens will be poorer, virtually no warming will have been averted, and individual freedoms will have been lost for nothing.

AP Images: Photo of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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