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Monday, 14 December 2009

"Skeptic" Climate Conference Challenges UN

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globe on fireAs global-warming alarmists met at the United Nations' COP15 Climate Summit, attempting to create the impression that the science supporting their alarmism was settled, a group of scientists and activists held a competing summit in Copenhagen last week to dismiss the whole notion that there is a scientific consenses or that the world is facing a man-made global-warmng crisis.

The “skeptics” conference, as it was dubbed by the relatively few media outlets that covered the event, brought together prominent scientists from around the globe. The “Copenhagen Climate Challenge Conference” — which included between 50 and 75 participants — was organized by the Danish organization Climate Sense and the U.S.-based Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

"There are people who know they are lying and do it simply for money and others who think they are doing good," explained Graham Capper of Climate Sense. "But they are not good scientists." He also called global warming a “myth.”

Craig Rucker, the executive director of CFACT and the conference chairman, also blasted the alarmism. "We think there is no consensus on climate change and there should not be a treaty from Copenhagen based on a lack of consensus," he said, adding that the world should have the courage to "do nothing until the science is clear."  

Among the speakers who received the most attention was Professor Niklas Nils-Axel Mörner, a prominent scientist and oceanographer who works at Stockholm University and researches sea levels. He chastised the president of the Maldives for claiming that the island nation would soon disappear. According to Mörner, who has studied the Maldives extensively, “we must rely on the facts, and the facts don’t support the president.”

He noted that some of the “very weird” climate models claim Bangladesh could be flooded by up to several meters of sea rise. But this scenario is “not even within the laws of physics,” he said, adding that it was “completely nonsense.” The professor has studied both areas’ sea levels extensively.

Mörner said various groups were using theories about global warming as an excuse to scam money out of the international community, and that these same interests simply claim nothing can be done about actual environmental problems affecting their nations that they actually could and should work on solving. “We are the real environmentalists,” he said.

Other prominent scientists also offered expertise in their fields. Danish National Space Center physicist Henrik Svensmark explained that the world went through a similar cycle during the Middle Ages, and that the true cause was in fact the Sun. Fred Singer, president of the Science & Environmental Policy Project and also an atmospheric physicist who has participated in several UN climate summits, put it bluntly: “They have no evidence. None.”

Lord Monckton, who has grabbed headlines worldwide with his passionate opposition to the UN “climate” agenda, also attended the meeting. Geologists, authors, nobility, and even a former clergyman who has taken an interest in climate science all took part in the event and offered a diverse array of opinions. But on some points the alternative climate conference was unanimous: The nearby UN summit and its agenda are based on inaccurate science and their agenda must be stopped for the good of humanity. 

Nearly every media report about the event noted that ExxonMobil had provided some funding for the group. What most of those articles did not mention is that the oil industry — and especially the Rockefeller family — have bankrolled countless global-warming alarmists and events, such as the so-called “350” global warming protest that took place in late October.

It is certainly refreshing to hear a group of scientists challenge the UN global-warming agenda in Copenhagen on the occasion of the COP15 Summit. With the revelations from Climategate fresh in the public’s mind, this event should have received far more coverage. Of course, the skeptics do not have national treasuries at their disposal to put on shows like the UN Climate Summit. But what is clear is that the science is far from settled. Anyone who claims otherwise is either uninformed or a liar.

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