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Maryland County Cancels Agenda 21 Participation

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Richard RothschildLast November’s political “sea change” hasn’t ebbed. In what is believed to be the first such action of its kind in the entire nation, the five-member Board of County Commissioners in Carroll County, Maryland, recently voted to abolish the county’s Office of Sustainability. They speedily followed that move with a vote to quit the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the front group launched by the United Nations to carry out the provisions of its huge Agenda 21. Both votes were unanimous.

A report appearing in the Washington Examiner credited Commissioner Richard Rothschild for leading the way for his colleagues, and maybe for the nation, because approximately 600 local governments in the United States have already signed on to what the Examiner termed “this Trojan Horse.” Rothschild insisted that ICLEI was ultimately an attack on private property rights and charged that its version of “sustainability has less to do with the environment and everything to do with economics. It’s an attack on capitalism, and an attack on America’s middle-class lifestyle.” As expected, promoters of “Sustainability” and “Smart Growth,” two of many nice-sounding labels attached to the ICLEI and Agenda 21 plan, have sought to discredit the commissioners in hopes of reintroducing their overall UN plan.

Undaunted, Rothschild responded with a signed article in the local paper. He wrote: “Sustainability invokes government power to enforce activists’ views of environmentalism. They want to replace farmers’, ranchers’, and other landowners’ concept of stewardship with government-centric control. It merges environmentalism and socialism to expand government into every aspect of our lives, including land use, food production, housing, transportation, manufacturing, energy rationing, and even health care.” And he labeled ICLEI “an organization with extreme beliefs on global warming that promotes United Nations’ big-government socio-economic policies.”

The Examiner’s James Simpson identified what he saw as the goal of the “prominent socialist leaders from around the world” promoting the scheme. He claimed they were working toward “1) abolishing private property and redistributing it according to socialist goals worldwide, and 2) herding humans into small urban communities where, stripped of freedom and mobility, we will live and work according to government diktat.” And he pronounced that the action taken in Carroll County, Maryland, is “custom made for Tea Parties.”

Photo: Commissioner Rothschild

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