A long-time global climate change alarmist has repented, but his attempt at an apology was dropped off the Forbes website.

In what should be the middle of spring, winter reared its ugly head over much of the United States on Mother's Day weekend. As with any other unusual or extreme weather event, climate alarmists are blaming the cold on global warming.

Get ready for the “new normal.” Deep State globalists and environmentalists, along with their legions of followers, are literally celebrating the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to completely remake the world to suit their wishes. From Hollywood celebrities and United Nations bigwigs to government leaders and Big Business, elites around the globe are coming out of the closet and revealing their true agenda. In short, it means less freedom and less prosperity for you — and a lot more power for them. Think of the coronavirus lockdown as a test drive.

Documents in an amicus curiae brief in Rhode Island’s climate-change lawsuit against 14 oil companies reveal that bureaucrats are just looking to obtain a “sustainable funding stream” from “big oil.”

Nobel Laureate economist William Nordhaus' "climate club" model would include carbon taxes, cap-and-trade schemes, and punitive tariffs on nations who don't fall in line with climate-alarmist demands.

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