Prince Charles stopped at the Davos summit last week to stump for cuts in carbon emissions in the midst of a 16,000-mile journey by private aircraft.

The Davos confab is giving more and more power and control to global elites in order to make the world more “sustainable,” replacing the old, outmoded, and corrupt “shareholder” capitalism with “stakeholder” capitalism.

Those who hoped for some sort of confrontation between Greta Thunberg and President Trump at Davos were disappointed.


MADRID – Speaking at the United Nations “COP25” Climate Conference, a professor of “environmental science” in Spain advocated totalitarian government to fight against bad weather he claims is caused by human emissions of CO2. These measures imposed by government should include forcing people to use public transportation, limiting the number of births, limiting meat consumption, and more. “This is brutal, nobody would vote for somebody like this,” he acknowledged, saying humanity was heading for a “Malthusian catastrophe” that required desperate measures. “The amount of humans is not sustainable.” Professor Alex Salas Lopez did admit, though, that there is a lot of “climate” hypocrisy at the UN.

VIDEO - In this video, Dr. Duke Pesta talks with TNA foreign correspondent Alex Newman about his experience at the COP25 Climate Summit in Spain this past December. Alex describes the atmosphere of the summit, including the use of children to promote the “climate crisis,” the verbal trashing of the U.S., and the general “cultish” feeling.

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