No mention in Big Media: The official draft text of the climate treaty for the soon-to-start UN Climate Summit in Paris proposes to establish an International Tribunal of Climate Justice.

As UN’s Paris summit approaches, one of France’s top mathematics consultancies, a legendary physicist, and a former IPCC author have joined France’s best-known TV weatherman, Philippe Verdier, in delivering black eyes and severe body blows to the increasingly discredited global-warming alarm lobby

Paris Climate Summit: Once again, politicians, UN bureaucrats and celebrity activists will swoop in on private jets to insist that the rest of us must sacrifice and reduce our carbon footprints.

More than half of the states and several professional associations filed lawsuits against the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on October 23, charging that the EPA has exceeded the authority granted to it by Congress in setting carbon dioxide limits for power plants.


The "carbon pricing" scheme of the upcoming UN global climate summit in Paris could cause electricity rates — and the price of everthing else — to skyrocket.

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