Climate alarmists like to point to weather events such as this year's floods along the Mississippi River as proof of global warming. But there are plenty of weather events that point in the opposite direction, too.

Good data in; good results out, so says an old scientific maxim. So what does that say about climate-alarmist scientists who manipulate data to achieve their desired results?


With the climate hysteria movement, fear is everything. How much fear can they ignite in the population is the key to their future global government plans.

A recent story published by NPR claims we owe Al Gore an apology based on recent extreme weather events. But Gore owes us an apology for the state of the climate-change debate in 2019.

A group of globalist "green" NGOs is pressuring American mainstream media to call climate change a "crisis" or "emergency" in order to ramp up the fear level in the United States.

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