VIDEO - KATOWICE--In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine from the United Nations COP24 summit, prominent climate skeptic Marc Morano said that the global-warming alarmism was facing major pushback worldwide.

VIDEO - KATOWICE--As governments and dictators scramble to finalize a "rule book" for their United Nations climate regime, prominent skeptics of the man-made global-warming hypothesis crashed the party in Poland with facts and activism, reports The New American's Alex Newman. The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT),, and others organized what was described as a "counter-COP24 conference" near the UN summit to debunk they alarmism. And Santa Claus delivered a lump of coal to Greenpeace, one of the many extreme environmentalist groups demanding drastic limitations on energy, human freedom and prosperity under the guise of "saving" the climate. However, all is not going as planned for the warmists, with governments and people increasingly revolting against the globalist agenda being pushed by the UN and its allies.

VIDEO - KATOWICE — United Nations globalists and UN member regimes are working frantically to salvage their agenda in the final days of the COP24 “climate” conference, reports The New American's foreign correspondent Alex Newman. With growing public sentiment against sacrificing freedom and prosperity under the guise of stopping alleged man-made global warming, there is a sense of gloom and doom among participants. Trump’s refusal to play along has alarmists fuming. Just two elected American officials were in attendance. But the real agenda behind the “climate” negotiations is becoming more and more clear — centralizing power and control at the global level. Check out the video for the latest updates.

VIDEO - KATOWICE, Poland — In this interview with The New American magazine from the United Nations COP24 climate-change summit, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) Executive Director Craig Rucker slammed the UN for its double standards in the handling of protests and activism. When extremists rushed the stage during a Trump administration event with a sign demanding that energy supplies be kept in the ground, they received protection from UN police as they shouted down senior U.S. officials. But when Marc Morano and Rucker brought out a life-size Trump picture and shredded a UN climate scheme at a previous COP summit, they had their badges ripped off and were thrown into the desert. Rucker also talks about the future of the “climate” movement.  

VIDEO - KATOWICE — As the United Nations COP24 “climate” summit gets into its final days, climate guru Al Gore is arriving to give a speech. And as usual, the “Gore Effect” strikes again! All night and all day, it has been snowing in Katowice, with delegates at the UN global-warming summit freezing. The New American’s foreign correspondent also exposes the incredible hypocrisy of this summit as self-styled “dignitaries” from around the world fly in on their private jets and take a fleet of limos to the venue so they can lecture others about using less energy and resources.

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