VIDEO - Alex Newman reports of his run in with the Chinese government while at the Paris summit for COP21. Alex explains his concern of the Chinese government's behavior, but had even more concern with the lack of control the French police and UN had over the incident.
VIDEO - Alex Newman Reports in from COP21 in Paris on its final day. He discusses the agreement/treaty that is being rushed to be finalized, and how there is lots of miscommunication and poor planning keeping this event from being successful.
VIDEO - Alex Newman reports from Paris on the film premiere of "Climate Hustle," which he attended. "Climate Hustle" is a documentary informing the general public about the agenda of those in power. The film is produced by Marc Morano of
VIDEO - Alex Newman reports in from COP21, talking about the amounts of money that the United States is pledging towards the Green Climate Fund. Alex also reports on the treaty that is being discussed at COP21 and its definition vs. traditional treaties.
VIDEO - Alex Newman reports from COP21 in Paris, France regarding the amount of United States officials that have been present at the conference. These officials range from Senators to the President himself. Senator Jim Inhofe out of Oklahoma is one of the United States officials who has publicly decried the event and its goal.

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