A recent study predicts the sun will go through a “grand minimum” solar cycle by 2050 that will be even worse than the Maunder Minimum of the 17th century, which may have ushered in a period known as the Little Ice Age.

Hopefully, the well-known weather phenomenon known as the Gore Effect won’t disturb the World Economic Forum.

John Coleman, a cofounder of the Weather Channel who spent years pointing out the falsehoods broadcast by “global warming” alarmists, recently died at his Las Vegas home.

So, two highly educated and respected groups release studies within one month of each other, with one study contradicting the other. Whom do we believe?

Ironically, the Sahara Desert blizzard came just scant days after a new study by the journal Nature Climate Change suggested that the entire Earth will begin to become a desert by the year 2050.

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