Georgetown, Texas, has been called a “city of the future” because of its commitment to 100-percent renewable energy. But if that's the case, then future cities can look forward to unfulfilled promises and more public debt.

KATOWICE, Poland — As the most important United Nations “global warming” summit since the 2015 confab in Paris kicked off in Katowice, Poland, last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declared that so-called “climate action” offers a “compelling path to transform our world.” Even your “mind” must be transformed, he said. Many other proud socialists, communists, and globalists have also called for using the man-made global-warming hypothesis to transform the world. And they are not kidding.

VIDEO - KATOWICE -- The major U.S. media is missing in action at the United Nations COP24 "climate" summit in Poland, reports The New American's foreign correspondent Alex Newman. Newman also reports on the significance of this conference, which is working to restructure all of human civilization under the guise of saving the climate. Finally, Newman addresses the real agenda behind the summit, which is to centralize power over humanity.

VIDEO - KATOWICE--The United Nations banned journalist Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel Media from the UN COP24 "Climate Change" Conference in response to a request from the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In this interview with The New American magazine from outside the UN confab, the journalist gives us the background on how it happened, and notes that this says a lot about the Canadian government and the UN's commitment to free speech and a free press.

VIDEO - KATOWICE--At the United Nations COP24 Climate Change summit in Poland, Democrat State Senator Robert Hertzberg of California, a self-described "globalist" who represents Hollywood, tells The New American that he is awaiting the arrival of "Martians" to unite humans. One of just two elected American officials at the conference, Hertzberg argued that whether President Trump agrees or not, California is going to implement policies to reduce CO2 emissions.

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