VIDEO - Alex Newman interviews Marc Morano, founder of, who was premiering a new film "Climate Hustle" in Paris, France during the COP21 conference. Marc shares his thoughts on the conference, the data, and those who are behind the event.
VIDEO - Alex Newman checks in from COP21 in Paris, France with an update from conferences in the region which disagree with the goal of COP21.
VIDEO - Bill Jasper talks with correspondent Alex Newman about what has been happening at the COP21 in Paris, France. In this video, Alex specifically talks about the amounts of money that governments are pledging to combat climate change. Sponsors and partners for the conference are also discussed.

VIDEO - In June of this 2014, Bloomberg released a new report, “Risky Business: The Economic Risk of Climate Change.” Bloomberg is just one of many of the celebrity and wealthy who live the lavish lifestyle who tell the rest of the world to lower their standard of living while their carbon footprint dwarf third-world nations.

VIDEO - Kirsten Lombard of the Wisconsin 9/12 Project briefly describes "Farmland Preservation Agreements" and "Conservation Easements," programs that the State of Wisconsin offers to property owners. She talks about the dangers and the attached strings of these programs which ultimately work against not only property owners, but also taxpayers.

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