VIDEO - June 22, 2012 - Alex Newman of The New American magazine spoke with Organizing Partner Kiara Worth of the UN sustainability commission's Major Group for Children and Youth.

On October 3, President Obama schmoozed with actor Leonardo DiCaprio on the South Lawn of the White House, telling DiCaprio: “We’re really in a race against time,” to prevent what he perceives as the worst effects of climate change.

Predictions of gloom and doom by global warming alarmists have not come true. Will such extreme forecasts now come back to haunt the alarmists in this year's presidential election?

Despite the gloom-and-doom predictions often made by pundits associated with the environmental lobby, several recent studies show that there is no evidence to indicate that global warming caused by human activity has contributed to the rise of sea levels.

Alongside a brutal communist dictator, Obama used his infamous pen and his huge ego this weekend to “save our planet” from the essential-to-life gas carbon dioxide. At least that is what he wants people to think. In the city of Hangzhou, China, Obama announced his pretended “ratification” of a massive United Nations treaty on alleged man-made global warming, working in tandem with Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and Beijing's rubber-stamp legislature. Congress, though, was not consulted. 

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