When responding to a Gallup poll conducted from July 1-11, 2018, asking people what was the most important problem facing our country, no one mentioned “climate change.”

Even while President Donald Trump has announced that America would withdraw from the UN Paris Agreement on “global warming” and other UN schemes, federal bureaucrats are still dutifully working to implement them.

A conference held on Friday was the latest in a series of high-profile attempts by the Vatican to force the made-up menace of man-made climate change into the consciousness of Catholics worldwide.

While accepting the science of climate alarmists, which insists that man is responsible for global warming, Federal Judge William Alsup believed that the scope of the case was beyond his purview.

Unsurprisingly, the studies conclude that if global temperature increase can be kept at or under the 2C level that the Paris Climate Accord suggests, production will remain stable, with some risk of yield variation but, more or less, “business as usual.”

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