Some global-warming believers now think the supposed disaster of rising temperatures isn't such a big deal given man's ability to counter its effects through technology.

In what is probably a desperate attempt to stay relevant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the star of Hollywood’s Terminator franchise, equated the actions of companies such as ExxonMobil and BP with first-degree murder for their seeming indifference on the issue of global warming. 

It’s long past time to get politics out of science. Too much of science — especially climate science — is done with nods and winks when funding is handed out, because that funding is often tied to politically expedient conclusions.

While the recent decades’ decline in frog populations has been blamed on “global warming,” it turns out there’s another culprit — perhaps the most embarrassing one global-warming advocates could imagine.



Why is the United States still a member of the OECD socialist propaganda cabal, and why are U.S. taxpayers still funding more than 21 percent of its globalist agenda?

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