The doom business is quite profitable, both financially and politically, and thus are we treated to yet another weather-end-times poll, this one a Monmouth University survey indicating that two-thirds of Republicans now believe in “climate change.”

Carbon-credit salesman Al Gore has announced that he will be hosting his eighth annual 24-hour long television special on climate change from December 3 to 4.

What President Donald Trump has ridiculed as the “global-warming hoax” is not dead yet — at least not in the bowels of the federal bureaucracies. The latest round of climate-change alarmism by Obama appointees and left-wing bureaucrats in the federal government began last week with the release of the fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA) by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. However, scientists around the world are already ridiculing the debunked document as unhinged cherry-picking and embarrassing fear-mongering. Even President Trump, who is ostensibly in charge of the executive branch that produced the latest prophecies of climate doom, has been poking fun at the global-warming alarmists and their failed predictions.

Snow in South Texas? In mid-November? Climate-change alarmists clam up in the face of unusually cold weather in the southern United States for the second straight year.

VIDEO - In this interview, The New American's Alex Newman and William F. Jasper discuss how Deep State globalists are exploiting environmental concerns to build one of the pillars of the New World Order global government. Much of this is happening through the United Nations. For instance, the notion that carbon dioxide is pollution is a brilliant scam —if you want a totalitarian world government that can control every aspect of everyone's life.

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