A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows that a clear majority of the American people do not believe global warming should be a high priority for government action. What they do believe should be the priority is the economy.

globe on fireAs global-warming alarmists met at the United Nations' COP15 Climate Summit, attempting to create the impression that the science supporting their alarmism was settled, a group of scientists and activists held a competing summit in Copenhagen last week to dismiss the whole notion that there is a scientific consenses or that the world is facing a man-made global-warmng crisis.

Lisa JacksonThe Obama Administration plans to bypass Congress to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. According to Fox News, a top White House economic official warned Tuesday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will not wait for Congress to pass legislation on climate change.

temperatureThe United Nations says the past decade is the warmest on record, making the announcement at its Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Tuesday. The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) accompanied the announcement with a press release claiming temperatures during the past three decades have been steadily increasing. The climate agency expects 2009 will rank among the 10 warmest years since 1850 when researchers began recording data.

climateAccording to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the "Climategate" e-mails leaked from a British university have done nothing to undermine the United Nations' view that climate change is accelerating due to humans.

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