VIDEO - In this interview, The New American's Alex Newman and William F. Jasper discuss how Deep State globalists are exploiting environmental concerns to build one of the pillars of the New World Order global government. Much of this is happening through the United Nations. For instance, the notion that carbon dioxide is pollution is a brilliant scam —if you want a totalitarian world government that can control every aspect of everyone's life.

President Trump has placed the blame for California's current wildfires clearly on the state's mismanagement of forests. But is he right to do so?

While President Trump is right that California has dropped the ball in forest management, he needs to also look at the federal government's role in the absolute mess that forest management in this country has become.

VIDEO - Scientists mock United Nation's special report on climate as "fear-mongering" and "nonsense."

Climate alarmism was on the ballot on Tuesday. And, in most cases, climate realism won the day.

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