Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown strikes again, arguing that the heat is worse than it was "10,000 years ago" when civilization supposedly began. But Brown is wrong. Civilization did not emerge until about 5,000 years ago or less, and the Earth has warmed and cooled many times, long before modern human industrial activity.



Except, thus far in 2018, extreme weather events have been less numerous and severe than in most other years.

Santa Barbara, California, has banned restaurants and bars from providing patrons with plastic drinking straws, mandating huge fines and jail time for repeat offenders.

The Trump administration seeks to revoke the Clean Air Act waiver that allowed California to set its own standards to control automobile emissions of various pollutants.

When responding to a Gallup poll conducted from July 1-11, 2018, asking people what was the most important problem facing our country, no one mentioned “climate change.”

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