dirtMan-made global warming is blamed for a myriad of environmental woes, from floods in Jakarta to drought in Australia, from record highs in Vietnam to snowfall in Baghdad. Global warming's latest crime is allegedly increasing the amount of dust in the Earth's atmosphere.

Internet FreedomThe Internet is an incredibly useful tool for ordinary Americans. Through the magic of an inexpensive computer, a whole world of information and social networking is at one’s disposal almost instantaneously. Not only can persons with minimal computer skills track the news of the day, they can learn about measures being proposed by government, contact their legislators to express their own views about what’s being proposed, even organize with others to effect change. True enough, there’s misinformation and disinformation also available on the Internet. Discernment rather than blindly accepting what appears there is very much in need.

In the midst of the push for environmental regulation in connection with the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared carbon dioxide — a substance produced by human respiration, among other means — a danger to public health. However, it appears that the EPA has a far more tolerant view to mercury, arsenic, and lead, since it is encouraging American farmers to spread these and other heavy metals on their fields.

reading newspaperThe Associated Press (AP) was caught misleading readers with biased and inaccurate coverage of the Climategate scandal in an article entitled “Science not faked, but not pretty” that was carried by hundreds of publications.

If UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has his way (and why shouldn’t he?), multi-national green shirts will march around the globe in their bio-degradable boots rooting out and punishing those who have committed the 21st Century’s greatest crime against the new world order: environmental disregard.

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