Ban Ki-moonOn July 8, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized leaders of the Group of Eight industrial nations for failing to make more substantive commitments to reducing so-called greenhouse-gas emissions.

Global WarmingThe name of Alan Carlin, a senior analyst with the EPA Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, should go down in the history books along with America’s other brave and honorable patriots. He is the EPA official who authored a report that reveals the EPA is releasing what could be deemed political reports on the subject of global warming, not scientific ones.

Swine flu laboratoryThe current H1N1 influenza A (i.e., “swine flu”) outbreak around the world was likely an after-effect of a government laboratory leaking a virus in 1977, according to a news story published in the June 30 London Independent:

CarsWhere California leads, some say, the rest of the country follows. Whether that is good news remains to be seen. Hailed by environmental groups as a breakthrough reversal of several years of Bush administration policy, on Tuesday a federal Environmental Protection Agency official approved a set of tough new standards for so-called greenhouse-gas emissions on new motor vehicles in California.

Ban Ki-moonThe ubiquitous “hope and change” theme Americans know, oh, so well — one that has become totally meaningless, a result of its overuse and disregard of economic, scientific, and social realities — is going international. The United Nations will be using it to launch a massive campaign to persuade the public to influence world leaders to ratify the UN’s new global climate treaty.

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