As Project Veritas continues to expose the liberal mainstream media in video after video, James O’Keefe is asking for help from “insiders” working for corrupt media organizations, Silicon Valley titans, and the deep state. And he’s leaning on a tried and true method for secure communications to handle those tips: ProtonMail — possibly the most secure e-mail on the planet.

With climate alarmists claiming that California's wildfires have been exacerbated by climate change, critics suggest that government policies caused worse wildfires, fueling the agenda of globalists.

Economists predict that electric vehicles will be competitive with gasoline-powered cars in seven years, and this could drive oil prices down to $10 per barrel.

The latest estimate from API, the energy trade group, is that increased exports of liquefied natural gas over the next 20 years will add nearly 500,000 jobs to the American economy and $73 billion to the country’s gross domestic product.

Despite OPEC's efforts to raise oil prices by cutting production, crude-oil prices are expected to remain under $60 a barrel for at least the next year.

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