Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore says Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal is a recipe for planetary disaster.

For the first time in over 10 years, a month has passed with no sunspot activity. In February of 2019, not one sunspot was recorded. Not since August of 2008, when the Sun was going through a time of Solar Minimum, has a month gone without a sunspot.

A new method of carbon sequestration has the potential to not only remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but to use that CO2 as fuel for vehicles and industrial purposes.

YouTube has deep-sixed retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley’s channel, apparently because he exposed “Native American elder” and “Vietnam veteran” Nathan Phillips as a fraud, phony and liar.

Unusually cold and wet weather will affect most of the lower 48 states in early March. But it's not evidence for or against global warming.

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