A new scientific study has concluded that the Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland is growing again after two decades of retreat. But, of course, according to climate alarmists, that’s bad news.

The mammoth "public lands" bill is the biggest federal landgrab since President Obama's wilderness lockup of 2009.

Vice President Mike Pence told an appreciative crowd at the National Space Council’s fifth meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, that it is now official government policy to return American astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

President Donald Trump's energy-independence agenda may be on the verge of collapse. Unable to impose their ideology at the ballot box or through the American people's elected representatives, “climate change” activists have turned to the courts and the bureaucracy — and with much better results. Just this week, a radical Obama-appointed federal judge temporarily blocked oil exploration across some 300,000 acres of land in Wyoming. The reason: The Trump administration did not properly consider the hypothetical impacts of CO2 emissions on “climate” when granting permission to explore for energy there. Sensible voices have expressed hope that the bizarre ruling will be overturned. But critics of the ruling said the Trump administration must take urgent action or risk further rulings like this.

A massive coalition of environmental organizations, activists, and think-tank leaders signed a letter to President Donald Trump supporting the proposed Presidential Commission on Climate Security (PCCS), as well as the work of Trump climate and national security adviser Dr. William Happer of Princeton University. The campaign, which comes amid fierce establishment resistance to re-examining government “climate science,” also backs an independent scientific review of the increasingly dubious claims made in federal climate reports. Analysts say this battle will be crucial in establishing the credibility of government climate science — or the lack thereof.

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