VIDEO – Leftist advocacy groups like the ADL, Vox, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are pushing their anti-conservative standards on Facebook, Google, and Twitter to police political speech and thought. Now they won’t only have Soros money to help them carryout their censorship of conservatives, but also the collaboration of the Koch Brothers.

Project Veritas, the investigative journalist organization famous for documenting the nefarious doings of Planned Parenthood, ACORN and others, has become the latest victim of big tech’s new censorship agenda.  

With the climate hysteria movement, fear is everything. How much fear can they ignite in the population is the key to their future global government plans.

A recent story published by NPR claims we owe Al Gore an apology based on recent extreme weather events. But Gore owes us an apology for the state of the climate-change debate in 2019.

With gas headed down toward $2 a gallon, shale oil producers are getting squeezed.

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