The Police State with full Surveillance State capability is not coming; it is already here. And private citizens are purchasing and installing the apparatus used to build it. Amazon-owned Ring, which sells video doorbells and other security cameras, announced last week that it has “partnered” with more than 400 police departments across the United States to create the Neighbors Active Law Enforcement Map using the video feeds from doorbells bought, paid for, and installed by private citizens.

Thanks to the continuing revolution taking place in the U.S. oil patch (and a slowing global economy), Saudi Arabia’s crown prince is likely to fall far short of completing the grandiose plans he has for his country.

Google, Amazon, and Apple Smart Speakers are suspected of carrying on secret surveillance of private and intimate conversations in the homes of consumers.

Sony exec showcases new climate-change propaganda film made in partnership with United Nations at Salt Lake City UN Civil Society Conference.

DARPA, the Pentagon’s secret scientific arm, is being given control over deciding what is “fake news” and what is true.

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