If Yahoo users’ knowledge of the world, or at least the U.S. political and social scene, were limited to what they see on Yahoo, they would conclude that America is a pretty liberal place.

A new study published in a climate-change journal finds that low-lying islands are not shrinking despite rising sea levels, contrary to climate alarmists' predictions.

VIDEO - Kurt Hyde, voter integrity expert, talks with senior editor Bill Jasper about the causes behind long lines and how to end them. With the midterm elections approaching, Kurt offers advice about what you can do if you find yourself in a long voting line.

While tech giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google all claim they exhibit no bias on their platforms in regard to politics, the campaign spending of their employees (along with their actions) say otherwise.

With perhaps the most significant midterm election in decades nigh, big tech’s censorship of conservatives has kicked into high gear. And while Facebook’s recent purge of right-leaning pages is obvious and has made news, perhaps just as destructive is the stealth censorship. A good example may be the report of WordPress’ “statistics shadowbanning” of Whatfinger News.

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