In the wake of the British Parliament’s release of e-mails detailing Facebook selling access to users’ data, more information is coming to light showing that this revelation may be only the tip of the iceberg. Big Data — including big tech companies, grocery store chains, retail chains, and others — harvest users’ data and use it to create startlingly accurate dossiers of those users. They use that data for their own targeted advertising and sell it off to others to use, as well.

The United States exported more crude oil than it imported last week, for the first time since 1943.


California bureaucrats have approved costly (and possibly dangerous) new standards in an effort to address so-called climate change.

Concerned about privacy being eroded by Big Brother? Forget National I.D. — Mastercard and Microsoft have just unveiled a plan to aggregate people’s personal information and cobble it together into “digital identities” to relieve the “huge burden” placed on individuals who need to prove they are who they say they are.



A study released Tuesday appears to prove what many have long suspected and what anecdotal evidence has seemed to suggest for years: Google is manipulating your search results. 

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