Twitter advertises itself as a medium for free speech and to a “voice” and help “citizens” change the world with their opinions. Problem is, according to some, Twitter only allows some “citizens” that “voice.”

Twitter has now caved to the mainstream media and Silicon Valley lynch mobs and issued Alex Jones a seven-day suspension. How soon will the ban become permanent?

VIDEO — Alex Jones has been banned from many large platforms, but with his Infowars app he is reaching more people than he did before. The Deep State is attempting to silence those who are exposing their agenda and force the public to think about issues critically.

A San Francisco jury has found agrochemical company Monsanto liable for causing a school groundskeeper's cancer in a case that could turn a powerful tide against the pesticide giant.

Upon the news that Alex Jones was being removed from many of the top Internet platforms, subscriptions to his InfoWars app have skyrocketed.

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