Researchers claim they have found a link between genetic make-up and sexual orientation, but scientific experts have pointed out major flaws.

“There’s too many polar bears now.” This observation, which runs counter to the global-warming dogma that rising temperatures are decimating bear populations, was made by Eskimos — people who actually live among the bears. 

As American universities and hi-tech corporations increasingly converge with their communist counterparts in China, they are more and more adopting China's communist ideology.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. is again attacking the encryption that protects data stored on millions of smartphones nationwide. Vance — a consummate surveillance hawk — claims that “traditional investigative techniques” no longer work in a world of “warrant-proof smartphones that have been designed to keep law enforcement out.” His solution? Legislation that would grant police a backdoor into mobile devices.

Alarmists are claiming the burning of fossil fuels by humans is causing volcanic eruptions.

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