NUlcear PowerInterview of Art Crino by Rebecca Terrell

Controversy over rising demands for “clean energy” and costs associated with it has made finding “alternative energy sources” a priority on Capitol Hill. The New American sat down with an expert in power-generation technology to discuss why nuclear is the safest, most efficient answer to the so-called “energy crisis.”

In the aftermath of President Obama’s decision to dramatically curtail NASA’s manned space program, many observers wondered what the future of America’s participation in the exploration of the heavens would look like. The successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 on June 4 may give us a first look at that future.

Over 50 tornadoes ripped through the Midwest this weekend, killing 15 people and reducing homes and buildings across the states to piles of debris. The total cost of the damage is indeterminate at this time but is expected to be very high.

EarthThe Competitive Enterprise Institute is suing NASA to release information explaining why the agency revised its global-warming data upward in 2007, after having revised the data downward six weeks earlier. CEI had submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain the information, to no avail. The cover-up may mirror the manipulation of climate-change data by British scientists that came to light last year.

Public opinion about climate change is slipping away from the grasp of the Fourth Estate, to the chagrin of advocates of the theory of manmade global warming.

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