reading newspaperThe Associated Press (AP) was caught misleading readers with biased and inaccurate coverage of the Climategate scandal in an article entitled “Science not faked, but not pretty” that was carried by hundreds of publications.

Schmidt with ObamaPresident Barack Obama on December 22 named Howard Schmidt, an Internet security expert with experience in both the private sector and government, as the White House cybersecurity coordinator.

If UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has his way (and why shouldn’t he?), multi-national green shirts will march around the globe in their bio-degradable boots rooting out and punishing those who have committed the 21st Century’s greatest crime against the new world order: environmental disregard.

Vaclav KlausIn the wake of the attention recently given to a policy paper that urged the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to elevate environmentalism to a new religion, Czech President Vaclav Klaus is charging climate-change fanatics with having pursued precisely that course of action.

Global Warming alarmists dismiss "climategate" as a tempest in a teapot, but the evidence shows otherwise.

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