The theory of manmade climate change has been rocked for several months by a series of scandals. Emails released as part of the “Climategate” scandal raised serious allegations of efforts by advocates of manmade climate-change theory to skew data and to suppress studies that undermined the theory. Then allegations were made against NASA charging that the space agency was dragging its heels on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for release of their climate-change data.

According to Time magazine's very latest wisdom, the epochal blizzards that have hit the Northeast this winter are a likely consequence of global warming.

thermometerAs much as the scientists at the center of Climategate wish it would just fade away, new evidence keeps surfacing to fan the flames of controversy. The latest item regards weather monitoring stations situated in remote parts of rural China.

White HouseAs the United Nations weathers a media beating over its falsified exaggeration of Himalayan glacier melt, new reports are adding fuel to the fire pointing out other blatant errors espoused by the international body.

As was observed at the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the internationalists and radical environmentalists suffered a critical defeat when they failed to reach agreement on a treaty that would have fundamentally changed the political and economic systems of the entire world. If the conference’s stated goals had been accomplished, a massive redistribution of wealth — perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars per year — would have become law for the nations ratifying the treaty.

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