Icebreakers at work in the Great LakesPoliticians and environmental militants worldwide are kicking the global-warming bandwagon into high gear, even as more and more prominent scientists are vocally challenging the underlying premises of anthropogenic (human-caused) global-warming (AGW) theory.

climateITEM: President-elect Barack Obama provided a pre-recorded video message to the nearly 800 attendees from the United States and foreign countries at the Governors' Global Climate Summit hosted by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on November 18-19 in Beverly Hills.

Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage PlantCan we reliably, efficiently, and economically store energy to make solar and wind power viable options to replace fossil-fuel or nuclear plants?

GoogleJust in time for the flu season, Google has created a new health tracking and reporting website focused on the flu called "Google Flu Trends." The service tracks and compiles the number of search queries from all 50 states related to the flu, like "flu symptoms," "nausea," or "cough."

oilITEM: On September 16, the House passed the Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 6899). As described by CNN on the same day, the bill "could clear the way for more drilling in the United States, as the Democrats who control Congress yielded to pressure from Republicans on the issue."

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