Ignoring the overwhelming, and steadily growing, body of scientific evidence that the global-warming "crisis" is nonexistent, President Clinton issued an environmental "clarion call" (his term) to the nation in his Earth Day '93 address. "I reaffirm, my personal, and announce our nation's commitment," he said, "to reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases to their 1990 levels by the year 2000."

The Ellen, Mills, and Pozsgai families know firsthand the wrath and power of an out-of-control bureaucracy determined to control private property.

Dr. Evaristo Eduardo de Miranda, one of the world's leading experts on deforestation in the Amazon was interviewed by William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American.

The 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro was history's largest gathering of world leaders and environmentalists.  Maurice Strong, executive secretary of the conference, said, "This is a launching pad, not a quick fix." The leadership of the huge environmental lobbying network in Washington, DC fully realizes this and plan to gear up for sustained warfare on the many issues addressed at the summit.

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