UN environmental proposals, like the World Heritage Convention and Agenda 21, are socialist instruments that reflect the world body’s ongoing drive to destroy property rights.

A leading atmospheric physicist brings some cool-headed reasoning to the hot topics of global warming, the ozone hole, and other environmental issues.

Prosperity and freedom depend upon the right to private property, yet it is being destroyed under the guise of environmentalism. The true objective is not preservation, but power.

The absurd assertion that one tenth of the human population of this planet is “gay” owes its genesis to the corrupt pseudo-science of biologist-sexologist Alfred Kinsey.

OzoneChlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are found in all air-conditioning and refrigeration units in America. But production of this inexpensive, efficient, and non-toxic substance — most commonly known as freon — is now scheduled to be banned in the United States by the end of 1995. According to Ben Lieberman's June 1994 Competitive Enterprise Institute study, The High Cost of Cool, the cost of this ban for users of air conditioners and refrigerators -- which means virtually every American — will be between $44.5 and $99.4 billion over the next decade. Assuming a figure of 100 million American households, the ban will cost between $445 and $994 for each household.

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