John Bates, a retired NOAA scientist, says NOAA published a flawed climate-change report to discredit the notion of a global-warming hiatus and to influence world leaders.

Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.) announced that the Army Corps of Engineers will allow the Dakota Access Pipeline to be completed.

With his lucrative climate-change agenda and predictions under water, former vice president Al Gore is pulling out all the stops to salvage his reputation and earning potential. The latest example is a spun claim that one of his (many) incorrect predictions has actually come to pass.

Trump's executive actions on oil pipelines serve as a "high alert" to his people that getting these pipeline projects approved is a top priority.

In flagrant violation of federal laws signed by then-presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, outgoing President Barack Obama just illegally sent  another $500 million of American tax money to a dictator-controlled United Nations “Green Climate Fund” (GCF). President-elect Trump vowed on the campaign trail to “cancel” the entire UN climate regime and the billions in payments, meaning Obama was almost out of time.

When contacted with questions about the violation of U.S. law, the U.S. State Department responded with demonstrably false statements claiming that the GCF was an “independent entity” and “not an international organization,” and therefore not subject to the funding prohibition enshrined in federal law. The UN and the GCF, however, say otherwise, often and clearly.

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