VIDEO - Former Vice President Al Gore wants Americans to hand over $15 trillion dollars, national sovereignty, and self-government in exchange for protection from alleged man-made "global warming." But as The New American's Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman explains in this video, giving up your freedom and giving your money to Gore and his cronies will not save you from "climate change." In fact, the entire theory underpinning this has been so discredited, it's hard to believe Gore is still pushing it.

OPEC is, at bottom, putting itself slowly out of business by reducing oil production in the hopes of raising oil prices. It's a beautiful thing to watch.



While the Establishment Swamp that Donald Trump promised to drain was throwing apoplectic temper tantrums over the president's decision to withdraw from the United Nations Paris Agreement on “climate,” a massive coalition was celebrating the fulfillment of his campaign promise to cancel the illegal UN scheme. The reasons for the celebrations were varied, and a handful of Trump supporters expressed some reservations about the president flirting with renegotiation instead of exposing what he often called the climate “hoax.” But a broad swath of Americans and people around the world were united in applauding Trump's courageous decision to defy the globalist establishment and stand up for the American people.

The European Commission is preparing to punish Google by hitting the world’s biggest search engine with a huge fine for manipulating search results to steer customers to Google shopping services, according to a recent report.

The establishment Swamp of globalists, tax-funded climate alarmists, socialists, and others erupted into a frenzy of unhinged outrage and apoplectic fury after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the illegal and unratified United Nations Paris Agreement on “climate change.” Some of the most unhinged voices claimed Trump's move would destroy the planet and was tantamount to a war on America or humanity. From Obama and foreign rulers to crony capitalists and UN bureaucrats, the seething anger is clearly intense. And a full day after the president announced his historic decision to reclaim U.S. sovereignty, protect the Constitution, unlock domestic energy supplies, and reinvigorate America's economy, the Swamp's hysterical panic is still growing more extreme.

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