With Apple planning to repatriate nearly all of its foreign cash holdings back to the United States, it will be exciting to see what impact $200 billion of newly recovered high-octane dollars will have on the American economy over the next few years.

Oil traders' excessive bullishness should be a red flag, because production forecasts don't equate with near-term shortages.

Former and current Twitter employees are caught on camera admitting they censor political views they disagree with — without the censored users even realizing it.

Project Veritas is at it again — this time exposing Twitter as part of the “American Pravda” of fake news designed to manipulate the way people think by controlling their access to information and being “more than happy” to violate users’ trust to help the government.

Newly-minted FBI Director Christopher Wray seems to picking up right where his disgraced predecessor James Comey left off in the war against encryption, telling the attendees at the International Conference on Cyber Security on Tuesday that strong encryption is “an urgent public safety issue.”

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