The polar vortex that is now sweeping across the Midwest is, according to some climatologist, evidence of global warming. The same phenomenon used to be evidence of a different type of climate change — a coming ice age.

YouTube will again adjust its algorithms to hide content they consider "harmful" to potential viewers. Content such as flat earth proponents or conspiracy theories. But who gets to decide what's a conspiracy theory and what is just an unapproved opinion?

Are the conveniences of Smart Homes worth the accompanying risks? Warnings from an expert at IBM Security indicate that the answer is “No.”

The end to emissions testing sounds especially odd in Washington, where last year environmental lobbyists attempted to place the United States’ first ever carbon tax on fossil fuel emissions.

For the past year, the news has been full of the unveiling of new weapon systems by China and Russia. On Thursday, President Trump announced America's answer to those new systems.

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