While a new study shows that people are getting dumber, robots are getting smarter. In fact, says one expert, artificially intelligent automatons may reach a point where they will outsmart man, seize control, and then enslave humans before sending us the way of the dodo.

Unsurprisingly, the studies conclude that if global temperature increase can be kept at or under the 2C level that the Paris Climate Accord suggests, production will remain stable, with some risk of yield variation but, more or less, “business as usual.”

Major tech firms such as Facebook and Amazon are partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to censor and prevent charitable donations to alleged "hate groups."

The surveillance state — ever on the rise since 9/11 — is making plans to grow even bigger and dig even deeper into the lives of American citizens. And in this recent push for growth, the federal behemoth has accomplices in state and local governments.


California Governor Jerry Brown has signed two bills into law that take water rationing in the state to an extreme level. Water use has dropped dramatically over the last four years and California’s historic drought has come to an end.

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