President Trump’s decision to nix U.S. participation in the UN’s Paris Climate Accord has sent world government advocates into a tizzy, creating new lobbying efforts and ramping up hysterical predictions of doom.

Energy expert Ed Yardeni is suggesting OPEC go back to flooding the world with oil because trying to deprive the world of oil isn't boosting crude prices.

A new study shows once more that significant research is still needed in order for doctors to understand how to treat transgenderism, particularly in young patients. Unfortunately, the scientific approach to gender dysphoria has been heavily influenced by the PC movement and as such may be resorting to harmful interventions to appease social-justice warriors. According to the study published in The New Atlantis on Tuesday, children suffering from gender dysphoria should not be treated with puberty-blocking drugs because they create additional complications.

VIDEO - Former Vice President Al Gore wants Americans to hand over $15 trillion dollars, national sovereignty, and self-government in exchange for protection from alleged man-made "global warming." But as The New American's Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman explains in this video, giving up your freedom and giving your money to Gore and his cronies will not save you from "climate change." In fact, the entire theory underpinning this has been so discredited, it's hard to believe Gore is still pushing it.

OPEC is, at bottom, putting itself slowly out of business by reducing oil production in the hopes of raising oil prices. It's a beautiful thing to watch.



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