When President Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced his agency will expand energy development to include the United States' offshore reserves, myopic naysayers rose up in a single voice of protest against Zinke's proposal.

Fully operational since June, the Dakota Access Pipeline is lowering transportation costs, reducing tank car usage, reducing environmental and population risk, improving South Dakota’s financial condition, and putting the lie to the criminal environmentalist movement that tried to stop it.

Just one year after introducing its “fake news” red flags, Facebook has discontinued the tool after having to face the fact that it just didn’t work. In fact, many users were sharing articles tagged by the social media giant as a result of their being tagged. Facebook, it appears, is does not have the credibility it seems to have thought it had.

It's a common science fiction theme: the artificially intelligent machine that develops consciousness — without a conscience — and tries to wipe out humanity. According to some scientists, however, this fiction could become fact.




Edward Snowden has helped develop an app for Android — named Haven — that allows the phone to be used to monitor and record its surroundings to assure that no spying has taken place. 

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