In a study of thirteen research stations from all over Antarctica, 10 of the stations show no trend of temperature increase and some show a slight decreasing temperature trend.  

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has stated that, in light of recent data, the current standards for automobile emissions are too high and should be made less stringent.

With all the reporting on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach having been used to manipulate voters for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, the liberal media are silent about Barack Obama doing the same and more in 2012.




Facebook can’t seem to shake off one major blow before another comes along, and may be in very real danger of going the way of the dodo.



Like the Kyoto Protocol before it, the Paris Climate Accord is quickly becoming an irrelevant joke. Currently, out of 196 signatories, only seven are considered to be on target to hit their self-imposed emission goals.

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