To address the growing concern of cyber-warfare, NATO has launched the “Cyber Coalition 2018” in Estonia — a mere 30 miles from the Russian border. The exercise is a “War Game” focused on defense and counter-attack in the arena of digital battle. 

The doom business is quite profitable, both financially and politically, and thus are we treated to yet another weather-end-times poll, this one a Monmouth University survey indicating that two-thirds of Republicans now believe in “climate change.”

Carbon-credit salesman Al Gore has announced that he will be hosting his eighth annual 24-hour long television special on climate change from December 3 to 4.

Google employees are calling on their employer to cancel a project that would bring another censored search engine to China and likely abet the communist government’s human-rights abuses.

According to recently disclosed patents, Google is preparing to take “surveillance as a feature” to a whole new level, with devices in every room of users’ homes to watch, listen, and analyze users’ every word and action.

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