OPEC is in a game it initiated and that it can't win and can't quit. In the process, OPEC is becoming increasingly irrelevant while U.S. producers are pushing ahead.

Technology has been an overall benefit to humanity, raising living standards and creating more jobs than it has replaced. But with the coming robot revolution, that might be about to change.

Last Friday, millions of Internet users across the United States found themselves unable to access a long list of websites as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack took those websites offline. The technique hackers used to cripple nearly half of the Internet was not particularly innovative or clever. The surprise about this attack is not that it happened, but that it did not happen sooner.

A spokesman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — the Department of Commerce agency focused on the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere — issued a statement on October 24 observing that a major hurricane has not struck the United States in 11 years.

If and when the world cooks from the alleged man-made global warming, the United Nations and its largely unfree member regimes are determined to make sure you have to endure it with no air-conditioner or refrigerator. But the latest development in the UN’s “green agenda” is about much more than waging war on prosperity, liberty, and cooling technologies under the guise of saving Mother Earth, as UN leaders made clear in recent days.  

The so-called “green transformation” of the world toward centralized control and global governance is now “unstoppable” and “irreversible,” claimed the UN environmental czar after a UN summit in Rwanda last week. At the controversial UN conference, under the pretense of battling alleged man-made global warming, close to 200 governments and dictators agreed to amend the “Montreal Protocol” with a new jihad on important molecules used in everything from air-conditioners and refrigerators to medical inhalers.

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