ORLANDO, Florida — While the establishment media have done their best to conceal the explosive information, social media posts reveal that Everett Glenn Miller, the Florida man charged with murdering Kissimmee police officers last month, was affiliated with a black extremist sect, describing himself as “Moor.” Based on his vitriolic Facebook posts attacking police, Trump, America, and white people, the accused cop-killer appears to have been whipped into a frenzy over racism and slavery by media reports. He also showered praise on an infamous violent communist leader, suggesting he needed to find a wife like her.

President Trump signed a presidential executive order on September 21 “imposing additional sanctions with respect to North Korea.”

Today a federal appeals court will hear a case brought by Judicial Watch on whether 238 pages of documents concerning Hillary Clinton’s possible involvement in the Whitewater scandal should be made public.

In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week, President Donald Trump took aim at a number of “rogue regimes” and called for international cooperation to rein them in. Perhaps most dramatically, Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if the communist dictator there did not settle down. Specifically, the president suggested that the UN dictators club, which has been crucial to empowering and sustaining the mass-murdering regime, should play a role in solving the crisis. Other regimes that faced fierce criticism from Trump included those ruling Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.

When Donald Trump tweeted his accusation in March that former President Obama’s administration had wiretapped his communications and those of his close associates, the liberal establishment attacked Trump, claiming he was making wild accusations without any basis in truth. It is now clear that Trump was on the right track, and the liberal establishment was — as usual — out in left field. Because now, even CNN is reporting that the Obama administration “wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman” Paul Manafort.

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