President Trump said that Senator Rand Paul has never let him down, but Paul is still unlikely to back away from his oppostion to Trump's choice of Mike Pompeo for secretary of state.

A criminal investigation of former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and others may be in the making.

Shouldn't the United States declare itself a "sanctuary" country for gun owners? But hasn't it already done, through the Second Amendment?

For his dishonesty and criminal perfidy, former FBI Director James Comey is being rewarded by Deep State sponsors, who are transforming him into a multi-millionaire celebrity and virtue-signaling icon. However, justice — and jail — may still await him.

Twenty-five years ago today, the U.S. government used chemical weapons on its own people — but no foreign nations retaliated against America.

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