In a criminal case about a child pornography website that was operated by the FBI for two weeks in 2015, the government suppressed the recent WikiLeaks disclosures about computer hacking because they are "classified." This is the clearest admission so far that those disclosures are genuine.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama and some of his top officials may be in serious trouble, analysts suggested, as it appears increasingly likely that they played a key role in illegal surveillance of Donald Trump and his team for the apparent purpose of sabotaging his presidency. But despite Democrat efforts to muddy the waters, the explosive scandal may be just getting started. Various players in the saga continuing to throw out fresh allegations, some of which, if true, could potentially land prominent current and former officials in hot water or even behind bars. And now, despite the FBI refusing to cooperate on the investigation, reports suggest there is “smoking gun” evidence proving that the Obama administration illegally spied on team Trump.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has called for a filibuster to stop an up-or-down vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.

The Texas Legislature is once again considering the controversial — and dangerous — course of applying to Congress for a constitutional convention. Two such Senate bills have been passed by that body and are waiting to be referred to committee. The House versions of those bills are already in committee. And while the Legislature debates this issue, Governor Greg Abbott is continuing to put his weight behind it.

Assange claims that a Hillary-backed palace coup is being planned. Does he have hard evidence?

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