While obsessing over the Mueller “Russia collusion” probe and President Trump’s alleged s***hole remark, the establishment media are covering up the real Obama-Clinton treason involved in giving Putin control over American uranium.

The nation faces a government shutdown as of midnight, January 19, if senators don’t approve a budget bill, but Senator Paul is more concerned about the deficit than a shutdown.




California is finally cracking down in the area of immigration — that is, they are cracking down on businesses who follow federal law to stop illegal immigration.

Based on how Congress voted, it would be easy to assume there are no longer any problems in America. That is because just two members of Congress, both conservative Republicans, voted to put “America First” and defy the bipartisan establishment by voting against a warmongering resolution targeting Iran. Among other concerns, critics said House Resolution 676, which purports to be about “supporting the rights of the people of Iran to free expression,” legitimizes the United Nations and inches the U.S. government closer to another disastrous Middle East war.

The latest conspiracy theory, over which the media was aflutter, concerns alleged secret cells in the White House — fat cells. Dubbed the “Girther” movement, the suspicion is that President Trump is lying about his height and/or weight. 


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