Monday, 07 July 2008

Oops! California Democrat Leaks Desire to Nationalize Oil

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Rep. Maxine WatersDuring a recent hearing of the House Judiciary Committee dealing with rising oil prices, John Hofmeister, the president of Shell Oil, testified: “I can guarantee to the American people, because of the inaction of the United States Congress, ever increasing prices, unless the demand comes down — and the five dollars [a gallon gas] will look like a very low price in the years to come if we are prohibited from finding new reserves, new opportunities to increase supplies.”

In response to Hofmeister, Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat from Los Angeles, began: “And guess what this liberal [referring to herself] will be all about. This liberal will be all about socializ-… uh, uh…” Realizing she had inadvertently revealed more of her agenda than she intended, Waters stumbled for the right word before continuing: “… would be about, basically taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

Fox News reporter James Rosen, who was covering the story in Washington, observed: “The word obviously that Maxine Waters was looking for there was nationalizing the oil industry.”

An incredulous Fox News anchorman Shepard Smith questioned Rosen: “Wow! How did Shell Oil answer that one?”

Replied Rosen: “Basically, by saying, we’ve seen this movie before, it’s called Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela.”

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