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Jones, Rubio Go at It

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If you were looking for entertainment this week on Capitol Hill, you could, perhaps, have observed the leftist shenanigans at the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. Aside from seeing crazy women attired as characters from a dystopian and paranoid leftist fantasy, you could watch Democrats beclown themselves with histrionics.

Or you could have been around for the contretemps regarding conspiracy retailer Alex Jones. He waylaid Republican Senator Marco Rubio outside a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Representatives of the tech giants were there to testify about their plans to stop foreign agents from using their platforms to disrupt American politics.

Jones waylaid Rubio during an impromptu chin wag with the press, calling him names and, at one point, nearly provoking Rubio into fisticuffs.

Jones, Rubio Square Off
Jones showed up at yesterday’s hearings where Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg and top Twitter man Jack Dorsey spoke to the committee.

Just before noon, outside the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Rubio was chatting with reporters when Jones inserted himself into the conversation.

Rubio wanted to discuss foreign interference in American election and mentioned China, but Jones sought a different topic: bias against conservatives on social media sites. “Big tech companies are purging conservatives,” Jones said, “they’re shadow-banning people en masse.”

“My broader concern is that what we are trying to do in terms of preventing interference in our elections,” Rubio said.

“But the Democrats are doing what you said China does,” Jones said. As Rubio tried to continue, Jones interrupted him again: “But what about the Democrats purging conservatives?” Jones insisted. “He’s not answering. Republicans are acting like it isn’t happening. Thank God Trump is.”

Then Jones again discussed leftist shadow-banning at the social media sites.

“Is that a heckler at a press gaggle?” Rubio said. “I just don’t know who you are, man. I don’t really read your website.”

When Jones put his hand of Rubio’s shoulder, Rubio turned icy.

“Hey, don’t touch me again, man. I’m asking you not to touch me.”

Jones told Rubio he just patted him “nicely.” “Oh, you want me to get arrested,” the Infowars proprietor said.

“You’re not going to get arrested,” Rubio warned. “I’ll take care of it myself.”

“Oh, oh, he’ll beat me up,” Jones said.

“I didn’t say that,” Rubio replied.

Jones Speaks
Jones began the day with his own press impromptu conference, where he complained that he hasn’t received a fair shake from Big Tech or Big Media, accusing them of adopting Chinese communist tactics of suppressing dissidents.

“We still have a right to face our accusers,” he said. “So that’s why we’re here.”

That’s why I’m going to continue to expose the lies. I have zero connection to Russia. I’m an American patriot. Everyone knows it. This whole Russiagate thing is about delegitimizing the election the American people had in 2016. And It’s a fraud. And as the president says, it is a witch hunt....

They have used the lies of these committee hearing meetings in the House and Senate to deplatform and unperson me off of the Internet so that I can’t respond to the future lies and the straw men that they’ve built.

This is a danger ... in what free nation do they have hearings at the national level and talk about someone like Alex Jones ... And then never have chance to be heard by the committee,

What country have we turned into when The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN lobby to take me off every platform.

Twitter suspended Jones for seven days after YouTube and Facebook tossed him off their platforms completely.

Jones complained that tech giants Google and Apple are moving operations to China, accusing the two of “adopting Chinese communist-style tactics” and helping round up dissidents so the Chinese government can work them to death and harvest their organs.

Apple will indeed, Reuters reported in February, “store the keys for Chinese iCloud accounts in China itself”:

That means Chinese authorities will no longer have to use the U.S. courts to seek information on iCloud users and can instead use their own legal system to ask Apple to hand over iCloud data for Chinese users, legal experts said.

Human rights activists say they fear the authorities could use that power to track down dissidents.

Google plans operations in China as well.

But Jones said the Chinese can access every iPhone on the planet, “a total national security violation of the highest levels ever seen,” and that Hillary Clinton arranged a massive transfer of personal data to China, and that Democrats and Republicans were helping, via espionage, a “globalist sell-out of our country to communist China.”

A Capitol Hill policeman escorted Jones away from the microphones. “I cannot have a press conference. As you can see in America I cannot face my accusers.”

Image: screenshot from video of Alex Jones confronting Sen. Marco Rubio

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