Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) is pushing Pelosi to the limit. He wants to impeach the president. She wants to keep her Democrat majority in the House next November. 

A Democratic member of Congress criticized the inclusion of references to God in oaths administered to witnesses in congressional committees.

An amendment to the NDAA offered by Democrat Representative Ro Khanna of California would end U.S. funding of Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen.

VIDEO - After President Trump criticized Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings by referring to Baltimore, his district, as “rat infested,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi rushed to Cummings’ aid by calling Trump a “racist” on the House Floor. Dr. Duke Pesta points out how ludicrous it is to cry wolf for racism, misogyny, etc, anytime a person associated with the Democratic party is criticized.

Trump: Spend Now, Cut Later

Written by Bob Adelmann

The new budget deal passed by the Senate and signed by President Trump increases government spending and avoids any government cuts.

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