For the second year in a row, Tax Freedom Day for the average American taxpayer comes the day after he is required to file his income tax return.

Senator Rand Paul has proposed granting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange immunity in exchange for his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The powers that be have decided that Trump’s nominee for the Fed’s Board of Governors won’t be a team player and therefore must be subjected to a gauntlet during his nomination hearings.

Adam Schiff has been duly chastised for making wild, unsubstantiated charges — but the decision by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to besmirch the good name of an American patriot, Joseph McCarthy, is inexcusable.

VIDEO - Congress is looking to force every institution (religion included!) to hire and serve individuals based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Alex Newman discusses his article based on this issue with Christian Gomez.

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