The indictment of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is turning Washington upside down.

Republicans have proven, time and again, that when it comes to throwing huge stacks of money, they hurl as recklessly as Democrats  —  especially when the problem they’re throwing money at is the Pentagon.

House Republicans passed a budget on Wednesday after employing the very unusual “Queen of the Hill” rule. The budget that earned the most votes was the one dubbed “Price 2,” which matches the one passed in the House Budget panel last week but includes a $20 billion increase in defense spending.

Once again risk is shifted from a major American company to the American taxpayer via the Export-Import Bank, but this may be the last time.

In order to pass a 2016 budget, Republican leaders have turned to a rarely used rule that would allow lawmakers to vote on multiple proposals, hoping to appease conservatives and the so-called “hawks.” According to GOP leadership, the goal was to pass a budget in the first 100 days of the new Congress, and they are confident that they will do so.

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