In response to President Obama's controversial decision to swap five Taliban leaders for one American soldier without any input from the U.S. Congress, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would block any further releases or transfers of Guantanamo detainees. According to Cruz, the president cannot be trusted to make any further decisions on prisoner releases until he explains the release of the "Taliban Five."

An amendment offered by Senator Rand Paul would protect gun and ammunition manufacturers from federal attempts to financially destroy them.

VIDEO - Commissioner Mark Costello tells Senior Editor Bill Jasper how the "overwhelming burden" of federal regulations, especially from the EPA is strangling the economy and killing jobs.

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash has introduced two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2015 that would ban bulk NSA surveillance of Americans.

Senator Rand Paul promises to filibuster the federal appeals court confirmation of David Barron, the author of the memo justifying the targeted killing of Americans.

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