Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told reporters Tuesday that he considering a filibuster of the vote to attack Syria.

A recent three-hour hearing by the House Judiciary Committee on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the secret FISA court, a follow up on congressional inquiries surrounding the explosive information exposed by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, revealed that the Obama administration believes Americans essentially have no right to privacy. Despite the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment guaranteeing the right to be free from unwarranted government invasions of privacy, National Correspondent Andy Ramirez with the Liberty News Network attended the hearing and reported that the federal government has gone wild.



In an effort to reignite the gun-control debate, two Democratic lawmakers are proposing massive tax hikes on handguns and ammunition.

Republican congressional leaders have signaled that they do not intend to fight for defunding ObamaCare in upcoming negotiations over a continuing resolution.

A University of California professor has estimated that the real national debt is vastly, almost inconceivably, larger than the one about to trigger the debt ceiling conversation after Labor Day.


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